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5 tips to build a successful online business


Many people love the idea of becoming their own boss but they underestimate the work that’s required to be a successful entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur is not easy and sometimes, we are unprepared for what’s there to come.

Many startup entrepreneurs believe that creating a website is the first step to starting a business but I’d have to break the news that that’s where people go wrong – even if you’re starting an online business.

Yes you need to understand the gap in the market and the needs of your target market but the first steps that you need to take are clarity on yourself. So now I’d like to share with you what I think are the first few key steps you in building a thriving online business.

What’s your money story?

Growing up, we watched how our parents, grandparents or even friends’ parents spend money, and heard them tell us about money. Sometimes we were taught that wealth is only available to certain people with luck or that money makes people evil. Other times, we were told that money breaks marriages. I didn’t realise I have my own money story until a while ago. My family knows so many rich people and I grew up hearing stories about how their families were broken because the rich husbands couldn’t stay faithful to their wives. So I must have made a decision since a young age, subconsciously, that I’d never marry a rich man and that I’d have to be the one who works hard and make money.

So what’s your money story? If you write down 5 things that come into your mind when you think about the word ‘money’ or ‘people with money’, you’ll soon uncover your money story.

What are your desires?

Here the desire we’re talking is about clarity. There are things we need in life and there are things we want in life but if we’re talking about pushing ourselves to achieve, then we must desire the outcome of our goals. They are non-negotiable. We don’t make excuses for those. So think about it like this: why do you want to build a business and make money? For me it is to support my family without them having to worry about money, it is to support my mission to make a difference and it is to give me that freedom in life.

So what are your desires in life that are non-negotiable, that you won’t make excuses for and that you would do whatever it takes to achieve them?

Who are your ideal clients?

If you’re someone like me, you want to work with everyone and want to help as many as possible whatever business you are in. However, as the saying goes, if you’re helping everyone, you’re helping no one. Think about it like this: when you go to a restaurant, would you go to a place, which says “we sell Italian, Mexican, Spanish, Japanese, Burmese and also cupcakes”? So what’s your ‘niche’? Ideally, your niche should also be something you desire or should be able to support you to achieve your desires. Once you’ve set your niche, you then define your ideal clients.

If you’re selling cupcakes, are you targeting women? How old are they? Why would they want cupcakes? Where do they hang out? What’s their worst nightmare about cupcakes?

What are your signature offers?

Now that you know your true desires, your niche and your ideal clients that you love working with, what’s one thing that can make them go ‘OMG’ that you can offer? Just like a chef in the restaurant, what’s your signature offer? It’s something that’s infused with your life experiences, your story, your message and your skills. People can duplicate everything about your business except you. You are unique in your own way and you have a story.

So what about you can you infuse in your signature offering?

What is your lead magnet?

You’ve done your part researching about yourself and your clients. Lead magnet is a sample of your service that people can experience for free. It’s something you use to persuade your clients to come to you but why should you? Think about it this way; you can offer the exact business coaching program to everyone but what differentiates you from the rest? You! You are the signature of your business. You have a unique gift that only you have. You have a story that only you can share best. There are billions of people online as we speak right now and if you don’t let others know that you exist, you’re not only holding yourself back from your dreams but you’re also depriving those who need your gifts.

So what can you give for free that will showcase your amazing service and at the same time benefit those who receive it?

About Arabelle Yee

Arabelle Yee is a former Clinical Psychotherapist turned Business Coach helping startup female entrepreneurs launch their business, package their gift and position themselves as the go-to person in their niche. She's worked with nearly a thousand people over her ten years of career with top global organisations coaching and training. She’s also frequently seen in entrepreneurial platforms giving how-to advice on business and mindset. She's also a Speaker, Adventurer and avid learner of Spirituality and Consciousness.

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