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5 top business podcasts


The rise of podcasts isn’t something that’s happened overnight. The very first podcast dates all the way back to 2003, and “podcast” was named word of the year in 2005. Though the next couple of years showed strong growth, there had been a major lull until very recently.

The popularity of the smartphone is one of the main reasons for this upswing. People are now downloading to podcasts to listen to while they are on the go. The other is how simple they are to make. Pretty much anyone with something to say can get their voice heard which has become a major draw for advertisers. There was a 23% rise in podcast listening between 2015 and 2016, while 21% of Americans have listened to at least one podcast in the last month.

Entrepreneurs have been found to be a key group who listen to podcasts, which is why business podcasts is one of the most popular categories. As they all live extremely busy lives, the beauty is that you can choose to listen to them any time, like driving to work, cooking dinner or even walking the dog.

So, here are some of the most popular business podcasts that you can listen to.

1. The broad experience

With each episode lasting for just 20 minutes, The Broad Experience focuses on women in the workplace discussing everything from communication style to sexual harassment. The host is Ashley Milne-Tyte, who has studied business for decades and has a unique understanding of the challenges that women face on a daily basis.

2. School of greatness

When former professional football player Lewis Howes suffered a serious injury, he spent a long time on his sister’s couch recovering. During all these months and months, he built up a multimillion dollar business despite no experience in the field. His podcast discusses a range of motivational subjects and he provides inspiration for all aspiring entrepreneurs.

3. Spinradio

A marketing and business podcast aimed at all types of marketing directors and CMOs, it takes a unique look at the industry. Digital marketing is an area of business that pretty much all companies want to get involved in, and this show looks at a different area of this fast paced field each week.

4. StartUp podcast

The process of actually turning your ideas into something tangible is one of the trickiest areas of business, and the subject of this particular podcast. This is what divides entrepreneurs from regular thinkers. Every season focuses on a particular startup and looks at different topics including the work/life balancing act, pitching your ideas and getting your business out there. Hearing about how others got started in business is ideal preparation and motivation for the aspiring businessperson.

5. EntreLeadership

One of the most famous names in his field, Dave Ramsey discusses his own concept of EntreLeadership which was initially the subject of his 2011 book. He highlights some of his own ideas as well as looking more closely at the ideas of other successful entrepreneurs.

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