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Marketing strategy ‘musts’: the 5 top things you need to do


You need to get your products and services into the spotlight, and this means employing the right marketing strategy. It is a known fact that establishing a business isn’t easy. First off, you have to think of a viable product to sell, and then you have to do your research in your particular niche.

To be truly successful, you need a strategy to get your business off the ground. You need a marketing strategy to get the word out about the benefits of your business and how it can be a potential help to people. Marketing strategies are all about increasing sales and profits. It is geared towards creating brand awareness, which will help the brand be identifiable to a broad audience.

5 marketing strategy ‘musts’

There are certain must-haves in any marketing strategy, and the following will discuss the top things you need:

1. Have funds for your marketing strategy

it is important to have funds for your marketing strategy. This makes your marketing efforts high quality and consistent. You should invest in your marketing efforts in the same way you invest in product development and research. Marketing is vital to your business, and you should have the necessary funds to have regular marketing campaigns. As a rule of thumb, your marketing funds should be 10% of your gross annual income.

2. Have a social media marketing strategy

social media is the place where most people converge. Nowadays, you cannot ignore the power of social media. Social media connects people and makes them aware of the latest news, products, and events. You can be in people’s awareness if you put your products online on social media. This is the best way to connect with your potential customers. Post your thoughts as well as post your products to create buzz and brand awareness regarding your products and services.

Post relevant things that will help your audience learn more about your business and your products. They should find that your products are unique and relevant. If you have a lot of funds, you can hire a social media manager. If you don’t, you can do the social media aspect of your business yourself. Just remember always to be authentic and informative.

3. Create video tutorials

Video is a powerful force on the internet nowadays. More and more people are researching videos for instructions and information. You can make a video tutorial based on your products and services. Hold your audience’s hand and show them a step by step way on how they can maximize your products and services. If you are good at making tutorials, you will increase your visibility and, therefore, your sales and profits.

You cannot undermine the power of video these days because YouTube is now the second-largest search engine behind Google. Videos are the primary visual means of learning something. Think to yourself how you can solve your customer’s or audience’s problems. What resources do you have that can help you resolve their pain? People normally listen to you if you can solve their problems or simplify some complexity in their life.

4. Establish branding guidelines

As a business, you will likely have a logo or a banner. These visual materials should be consistent all throughout your platforms. Whether you are using these logos and banners in social media, your websites, or in print media, they should be consistent. There should be consistency in color combinations and fonts. There should also be consistency in your voice and messaging.

If you have a cheerful and friendly manner of communicating, this should be consistent in your newsletters and on your websites. The same goes if you are adopting a formal business-like tone. This is part of brand awareness consistency is crucial so as not to confuse your customers. You should have a brand that is identifiable and makes them aware instantly that they are communicating with you.

5. Invest in your website

People will want to reach you online. You should establish a web presence, so your potential customers and audience can easily see your product and services anytime and anywhere. Your websites should be visually appealing and high-quality. Some things to ask yourself is if your website is mobile-friendly.

Most people navigate websites by their smartphone, so your website should look appealing in this device. You should also follow best SEO practices to make sure that you get optimum visibility and that you have an edge against the competition. You should also make sure that it loads fast so as not to frustrate your users. The copy on your websites and any information therein should also be compelling and informative. If you have a good website, you will attract more visitors, which will lead to higher conversions, which turns into profits and revenue.

Final thoughts

It would be best if you had a marketing strategy in order to make profits and sales possible. You need to create awareness in your audience so that they will keep coming back to you to resolve their problems and to get your products and services. There are some top things you should have in any marketing strategy to make it high quality and consistent. You need a good marketing strategy throughout the lifespan of your business, and you should invest your time and funds for the maintenance of these factors that will be helpful to your marketing efforts.

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