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5 top tips for a work-life balance


As an entrepreneur, mother and wife, it is often difficult to wear all three hats successfully. However, it’s something that every woman must do if she wants to have the professional career thriving as well as her personal life.

Often, there are just ‘too many’ things to do without enough time. While it is important to keep the momentum going, it is also equally as important to take care of you, first. Below are 5 tips that each of us can use to create a work-life balance most of us dream of while still operating a business.

  • Schedule Your ‘Off’” time

When generating your schedule, always include your own personal downtime. This can be every evening from 7pm – 10pm, or every other Sunday. Whatever your preference is, always take time to spend with your family.

  • Value your personal time

Whatever you choose to do in your free time, make sure that you’re creating valuable experiences within that precious time frame. Attempt to remove yourself from negative, toxic and draining situations that will result in you being tired from engaging in those activities. The goal is to feel refreshed; not to be exhausted after your engagements.

  • Eliminate tedious tasks

Often, it is the simple task that cost us the most time. For instance, instead of personally cleaning your home or going to the grocery store, try outsourcing those task to free up more time, as long as it is cost effective for you. However, remember that it is often cheaper to hire someone to execute those task for you than it is to complete those task yourself. Your time is more valuable.

  • Exercise

While it is often difficult to find time to exercise, it is critical that you make time to exercise as it can help remove any additional stress that you may have in your immediate life. Even if you are simply going for a stroll through the neighborhood with your family, do something for at least 15 – 30 minutes a day to help reduce the stress from owning and operating your own business.

  • Relax

Although it is often difficult for most entrepreneurs to take time off from work, always try to take a week off at least once every three months. That way, you are re-charging your body and rejuvenating your thought process. Log completely out from work and shut down. Everyone needs to take a break or two, every now and then. Although most entrepreneurs cannot afford to shut their business down, at least try to take at least two extended weekends as a break to shut-down. Remember your health is dependent upon you to also relax.

About Alexis Nicole White

Alexis Nicole White is a Managing Director of An Executive Solution Concierge, in Atlanta, GA. She's 31 years old and a mother of a 10 month old son.

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