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5 top tips for mom entrepreneurs


Being a mompreneur (mom entrepreneur) is one of the most challenging jobs in the world. It requires balancing two very demanding roles: a mom and an entrepreneur.

Every mom already has a full time job cleaning up the kids, planning and preparing meals, keeping up with everyone’s schedules, chasing toddlers around, helping with schoolwork, etc.

And as if these mom responsibilities are not difficult enough, more and more moms are embracing another role in the recent years: entrepreneur.

The economic recession, higher educational attainment of women, increase in number of single-mom households and decline in men’s earnings are some of the reasons why women need to contribute to the financial basket of the family.

With inflexible bosses and working hours, pursuing a career might be an unsuitable option for some moms. Career moms may find it difficult to manage their time in juggling their family and job responsibilities. Taking a leave to take care of a sick child or to attend a school meeting means catching up with more workload the next day. Finding a reliable babysitter may also prove to be a challenge.

Being a mompreneur might require more effort than being a career woman, but it gives you more flexibility and control over your schedule. As you can earn while taking care of your family, the fruits of your labor will be sweeter too.

So what does it take to be successful mompreneur aka superwoman? We share some tips:

1. Focus on what you know and love

One of the key ingredients behind any thriving venture is passion. Passion can sustain your drive and reduce stress.

A smart business idea blended with something that you love and know is the best formula for a successful venture. It is easier to offer products or services that have provided solutions for you, based on your personal experience.

Many successful mompreneurs have started a business selling baby-related items, such as breastfeeding aids and baby care supplies. Apart from your expertise in that field, you get to interact with and help fellow moms and moms-to-be.

2. Good planning and time management skills

Being a mompreneur requires that you function at maximum efficiency, as you cannot afford wasted time and effort.

Having a structured daily schedule will help you keep track of all your tasks (business and personal / family) and to allot your time based on the importance of each one. Be realistic when planning your day though. There are just some days when we cannot be fully productive, due to distractions or fortuitous events.

It is advisable to set aside a free one hour per day. That one hour will help you catch up on your lag and allow you some breathing space.

3. Delegate

If you have employees in your business, you can check what tasks can be delegated to them so you can focus on the more important functions. Or you can even involve your kids!

Giving age-appropriate tasks can help your kids learn and also give them something to do. Hitting two birds with one stone!

You can also consider household chores that you can ask your husband or kids to help you out with. Maximize whatever assistance you can get from the people around you.

4. Allow time for yourself

No matter how busy you are, do not forget to find time for yourself. Do not feel guilty about taking a break once in a while- it will not make you a bad mom.

On the contrary, having some “me” time to recharge, refresh and feel more beautiful will make you better as a mom and an entrepreneur. Take time to have a relaxing bath, to go out or to be pampered at the parlor or spa- you deserve it!

5. Support system

Even Superwoman needs a team to help her, or else, she will burn out. Your family is your number one source of support. If you have a team working with you, that will also help you divide the stress in your business.

You might also want to connect with other mompreneurs or fellow moms. Keep in touch with your friends who have their own kids to share your experiences and concerns with. There are also many online mom groups or community parent organizations you can take part in.

Some important last words: smile, have a sense of humor and keep your sanity! In life, things never go as planned. Take things in stride- one day at a time and stay positive.

Choose your battles and do not stress over every little thing. Remember this nugget of wisdom: things always turn out okay. And just always believe that they will.

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