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5 top traits of successful business women


There are more women in leadership positions today than ever before. Women are making history as you read this, and the face of this nation’s economy is changing, today, women hold almost 52 percent of all management and professional positions.

The movement of women into entrepreneurial leaders is remarkable. For the last two decades, women have been launching and growing businesses faster than their male counterparts. Women-owned businesses that have surpassed the $1 million mark are no longer uncommon.

The million dollar question is: what sets women who own and lead the fastest growing and most profitable businesses apart from the others?

Take a look at these five to traits successful business women master: 

1. Create cultures of success

Cultivate a work environment that reflects your values. The most successful female business owners build organizations that are characterized by diversity and inclusion, team orientation, coaching and individual development, and inspiring others to reach for their goals. This culture is also one of many ways to keep your best team together and increase employee loyalty.

2. Define success in your own terms

It’s really easy to let others define success for you. Women are often responsive to social pressures, and many have fallen into the trap of embracing the existing definitions of success. One of the last trails for women to blaze is the one that defines success as something that may differ slightly from the traditional definitions.

Remember that often, others will see strengths in your character than you have not recognized – but ultimately, you must take control of your destiny and figure out your own definition of success.

3. Set lofty goals

The most successful females in business set lofty goals. Then, when they achieve these goals, they keep aiming for more, setting the bar higher.  Research has shown that the one significant predictor of whether a female business owner will obtain capital and expand her business is her goal for growth – not the length of time in business, size of the business, or industry.

4. Treat your time and energy as scarce resources

There are many myths about time management, but don’t fall into the trap of believing you don’t need to delegate your work and already get enough done to, so you don’t need time management. Instead, view and treat your time as a valuable and scare resource because they are as critical as any single item in your business.

The problem is that the more successful you are, the more others seek your advice and help. These requests will come from groups including community leaders, customers, employees, aspiring business owners, and more.  While it is flattering, and you may want to help especially if you believe in the organizations cause, you have to learn to turn down some requests. Your time and energy are not endless. The most successful women business owners set priorities, so take into account the demands of your business and personal life as your calendar fills up.

5. Invest in yourself

You are worth it! [tweet_quote hashtags=”#success” ]Invest your money and time in your physical and emotional well-being[/tweet_quote]. Sometimes it is harder to find the time to do so than the money to pay for it. The female business owners who find the most success are those who never stop learning. Look into classes, seminars, conferences and books to continuously nurture your wellbeing. Commit yourself to exercise and visit the doctor regularly too. You are worth it and your business will reap the benefits of your self-care, too.

Female business owners are inspirational, and lead other brave women who want to experience greatness to aim for the stars and realize that they, too, can experience the same success. Remember that it’s okay to make mistakes and fail from time to time.  Stay persistent, a positive, and constantly push yourself to reach new goals and your business, too, will probably reach a new level. 

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