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5 Traditional marketing ideas that still work


Businesses develop and implement new marketing strategies on a daily basis. While social media techniques and other modern strategies do work for some companies, there are numerous traditional marketing ideas that companies should still use. After all, the older methods have been proven to work throughout decades. If you want to reach multiple generations of consumers at once, you need to utilize the strategies that never go out of style. Read this post to learn the top traditional marketing ideas that still work.

1. Sign advertising

Firstly, sign advertising is a traditional marketing idea that still works. Millions of consumers drive to and from work every day. Billboards and signs are part of advertising 101 for most businesses.  During their commutes, they read intriguing signs displayed alongside highways. When they like what they see, they remember the advertisement and proceed to look up the companies later that day. Moreover, consumers gain insight into where certain businesses are located through signage. Since signs can also last for years, they make for a successful marketing tactic that reaches numerous target markets. Attorneys, for example, are notorious for using traditional sign advertising to good effect. Whether a criminal defense specialist or the head of a medical malpractice law firm, lawyers enjoy—and benefit from—the exposure and publicity generated by sign advertising.

2. Direct mail marketing

Another traditional marketing idea that continues to increase companies’ ROI is direct mail marketing. Unlike other forms of marketing, direct mail strategies do not entail waiting around for potential customers to come to you. When you implement this idea, you reach out to prospects. Some of the most successful direct mail marketing campaigns use branded 5 x 7 envelopes. After all, they are a major advertisement in and of themselves. If you send mail through branded envelopes, every person who touches your outgoing mail will see your brand name. Nice envelopes intrigue recipients as well, increasing the chances of them opening them to see what is inside. Thus, this is one of the best traditional marketing ideas to use.

3. Event marketing

Additionally, many successful marketing teams use the traditional marketing idea known as event marketing. This is one of the best ideas because it makes the most impact. When consumers and other business owners hear a marketing professional describe a product, they remember the brand more easily than they do when they simply see a post on social media. While you can still use social media for selling, many marketers offer event attendees free promotional products to ensure that they do not forget their brand. Some big brands such as PepsiCo are happy enough to get out of social media and connect with thousands of football fans through the UEFA activation event. Whether you attend local events such as fairs or travel to large trade shows, you can utilize this traditional marketing idea that works.

4. Broadcast media

Broadcast media is also one of the top traditional marketing ideas that assists marketing professionals in reaching their target audiences. Contrary to popular belief, a large amount of adults still listen to the radio. Use this fact to your advantage by speaking to them through radio ads during their daily commutes. Another broadcast media channel to utilize is television. Some consumers either fast forward through commercials or leave the room when they come on. However, there are instances where those same consumers look forward to watching them. For instance, consumers enjoy the commercials that air during popular sports games like the Superbowl. Many also continue to watch commercials during news programs. Advertise your brand on the radio and TV to capitalize on this traditional advertising technique.

5. Donate products

Lastly, product donations prove to be among the best traditional marketing ideas. Consumers favor companies who give back to their communities. This is a great reason to consider donating products to your local charity events and/or raffles. In addition to boosting your reputation, you also advertise your products themselves. Everyone who attends the event that you donate to will see your products. When consumers like what they see, they often jot down the product and brand name. Then, they proceed to purchase those items later. Increase your sales and build a positive brand image by donating products to local events. In doing so, you will be using a traditional marketing idea that continues to work over the years.

To boost your marketing ROI, you need to use traditional marketing ideas. For instance, create signage and place your signs on billboards located on busy highways. Achieve your goals through direct mail marketing by customizing your business envelopes. Use event marketing tactics to leave a long-lasting impression on customers. Broadcast media channels like radio and television continue to promote products and services to multiple audience types as well. Finally, donate products to local charity events to advertise your brand and build a positive reputation. These top traditional marketing ideas still work, making them great strategies to implement.

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