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5 ways to overcome entrepreneur doubt in 2017


Historically the “New Year” has prompted entrepreneurs to set new professional goals.  It is the time of year when many dreams are in embryonic stages awaiting development for the next year. But it is also the time when entrepreneurs begin to feel stagnated.  Very often, this stagnation is due to the triple threats of Fear, Confusion, and Doubt.  People get “stuck” because they have a fear of the unknown, are unsure about the steps that need to be taken to follow their dreams, and they question if they have the “right stuff” to make their dreams come true.

This is illustrative of the Fear, Confusion, and Doubt.  But it doesn’t have to be that way, you simply have to learn how to “Get Over It!” In the following article, I will briefly discuss “5 Ways to Overcome Entrepreneur Doubt in 2017.”

Birth control

First, you must invest in acquiring “Birth Control.” Just as we use birth control to protect ourselves against unwanted pregnancy and diseases, birth control is needed to protect our hearts, minds, and souls against negative energy and toxic people who threaten our dreams.  We must use emotional, psychological and spiritual birth control so that we do not impregnate negativity in our spirits and mindsets that will force us to doubt our abilities.

Backward design

The next step focuses on the “Backwards Design” which is a business and educational concept that requires you “begin with the end in mind.”  Knowing what your ultimate goals are at the beginning of your journey will provide clarity about the direction you are heading.

Action plans

Creating action plans for change is mandated as the blueprint of your dream, so that you know the sequence of events and activities that are necessary to fulfill your goal.

Allow yourself to ask for help

To be successful and decrease your doubts also necessitates that you allow yourself to learn new ways of approaching your goals and allow yourself to ask for help.  Just because you ask for help does not mean that you are weak, it just means that you recognize the need for help.

Know your value and your worth

Knowing your value and your worth is another critical step to reduce your doubt.  If you acknowledge and accept that you are worthy of charging others for your invaluable services, then you will begin to embrace your value and reject comparison to others.

Doing all of the above, are the key elements to overcoming entrepreneurial doubt in 2017.  To learn more strategies for overcoming various professional obstacles, check out the book How To Get Over It in 30 Days! which is available on and

About Dr. Adair White-Johnson

Multiple Bestselling Author, Publisher, Speaker and “Empowerologist,” Dr. Adair f. White-Johnson (affectionately known as “Dr. Adair”) is a leading authority on motivating, inspiring and empowering individuals to move towards positive change and becoming resilient. Check out her book How To Get Over It in 30 Days! which is available and

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