6 easy tips to boost your team’s productivity this year


Businesses make promises at the start of a new year just like everybody else. They often forget about them just as quickly too. This year, however, you’ve got an opportunity to use all that you’ve learned to really excel.

It is easier than you think to boost productivity levels across the workplace and get employees engaged and excited. It’s all about making their environment a pleasant place to spend time. Make room for natural light, invest in ergonomic furniture, and put some thought into how you can make the workspace match the values of the company.

This guide to increasing productivity and engagement will give you some tips on how to transform your business into a hive of activity.

Don’t Be afraid of collaboration

The old days of cutting teams off from one another are gone. You shouldn’t be trying to prevent employees from communicating because you’ll stifle their ability to create. Collaboration is key for modern businesses, as it encourages expansive thinking and helps everybody learn at the same pace. With Auscon Projects, you can invest in stylish office partitions, which maintain that open plan vibe, without sacrificing privacy.

Invest in great lighting

If there is one area where you shouldn’t skimp, it is lighting. The importance of great lighting cannot be underestimated. It is integral to the health and productivity levels within your workplace. Try to incorporate a good blend of natural and LED light; LED is highly efficient and it doesn’t produce glare, so it is kinder on the eyes. There should be no dim areas in your office. Low light strains the eyes and leads to headaches and poor performance.

Get your employees involved

[tweet_quote hashtags=”#workingwomen” ]It is time to make 2017 the year that your workforce comes together[/tweet_quote]. Make it a year in which you bring them into the big decisions. It is always important to ask employees for feedback, particularly on physical changes to their environment, as they are the ones who know whether a plan will work or not. Use them as an asset and increase morale by making it clear that you value their thoughts.

Be generous with free time

Another corporate myth that has been busted over the last five years is the idea that longer breaks have a negative impact on productivity. In fact, it might surprise you to find that quite the opposite is true. Employees who are treated with care and respect, as opposed to robots at a desk, work harder, faster, and with more passion. It is worth being flexible sometimes because the favour will be rewarded somewhere down the line.

Consider training sessions

Perhaps your 2017 resolution should be to give employees more learning opportunities. Workplace seminars, lectures, and practical activities are highly valuable for a number of reasons. Yes, they ensure that the workforce is as skilled as possible, but they also allow time for engagement and collaboration. Learning is reinforced by discussion and debate, so help new skills to stick by encouraging employees to get vocal.

Why finding business success in 2017 is easier than you think

A lot of smaller businesses assume that competing with bigger rivals requires a huge amount of free capital. This is not necessarily true because streamlining a company can be just as effective. If you’re operating like a lean machine, your profit margins will get wider and you’ll find it easier to maintain productivity levels, without splashing the cash. Just remember that your employees are the key; keep them happy and the business will thrive.

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