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6 great ideas for startups on a shoestring


Each year, thousands of people decide to quit their day jobs and start new businesses. Of course, one stumbling block for many people is raising the money needed to launch.

The good news is plenty of startup ideas don’t need much (if any) capital investment. If you want to start such a business, and you love going out and meeting with people, check out these six ideas:

1. Personal Trainer

Those of you with a love of health and fitness may wish to launch a personal trainer business. Chances are, you will already have the tools of your trade, as it were. That means you won’t really need any investment!

2. Brand Consultant

Another idea for those of you that are marketing gurus is brand consultancy! You can help people create brands that captivate their target audiences.

3. Car Detailer

Do you enjoy turning filthy and smelly cars into gleaming works of art? And are you a car enthusiast? If the answer to both questions is yes, consider doing car detailing for a living!

4. Computer Repairer

If IT is your thing, you could offer an on-site computer repair service. Many people prefer to have their systems maintained by local experts, especially friendly ones!

5. Mobile Mechanic

The thought of going to an intimidating auto repair shop is a nightmare for many people. Why not offer mechanic services to people at their homes and businesses?

6. Dog Grooming

Dog lovers will want to ensure they have pampered pooches. With a dog grooming diploma, you’ll have the skills necessary to start your business:

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