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6 Networking tips for introverts


In business we are always urged to create new leads,  network and widen our contacts.  However, if like me, you are in introvert, this can be quite a daunting task.  For introverts, the mere thought of networking with a group of strangers can be quite a torturous concept.  However, if you take a little time to understand that networking is really all about building relationships, then you find you actually quite enjoy it!   Here are my top networking tips for introverts:

1. Write a clear and well defined goal/s for your networking activities

The simplest way to overcome anxiety and perceived nervousness when networking is by getting organised!   Take back your power from your fear and create  a simple goal and vision for what you want to achieve.  Setting a short goal of what you want will in itself create a sense of empowerment – that you are in control.  This allows enables the  the subconscious brain to feel safe and ready to take on nay challenge.

2. At each social/business function, have a commitment to leave withn 1 or 2 new people who may support YOU and meet YOUR personal and or professional goals

Introverts can feel alone and isolated at networking events.  However, before attending any event, set a clear intention.  This could be just to meet people who will help you feel comfortable and make networking more fun for you or it could be to be introduced to a particular person.    Also focus on building good relationships that you enjoy and this will provide an incentive to attend events and open up new leads and opportunities.

3. Make a point of following up quickly and appropriately with those whom you have connected

Prior to  attending any networking event, create a template email ready to send the next day.   This could be a simple thank you and an acknowledgement that you enjoyed meeting them. For the introvert personality it is important to keep the momentum going by staying in touch.  You may also wish to connecting with them on social media.  Remember, the people you met at the networking event may also be introverts so make the first step to build a long lasting connection.

4. Keep organised records of your connections including their details, conversations, interests etc and place this information in a database.

If you felt anxious or nervous at the event, the chances are you brain would not have retained a lot of the information people shared with you so try and write down as much as you can remember.   The  more detailed you are in your record keeping the better. This keeps a  record for staying in touch and also makes your new connections feel acknowledged and cared for

5. Focus on possibility

Keep the excitement of networking alive by focussing on all the possibilities which may happen when you meet new people.    This will help you focus on the ‘ end result’ and motivate yourself to attend.  This is important to an introvert personality and allows them to feel connected.

6. Make sure your business card is easy to read with a photo of you and gives your information. Use both sides of the card.

Your business card is your best form of advertising. It needs to be clear, something to remember and specific on what you do. By having your photo on your business card people will remember you. Ensure to have your cards on hand such as in your pocket or hand. For the introvert personality it means that they feel organised and empowered.

We can all be introverts on some level depending on the situation. The key to feel empowered is to be organised and know what you want to get from that experience. Networking is an opportunity to meet friends and be supported so have fun in the process.

About Jean Sheehan

Jean Sheehan is an award winning empowerment expert and expert life skills coach. Having addressed organisations in Australia, India, France and Bali, Jean understands what inspires and motivates the human psyche. She is the author of 3 books, a popular public speaker and her work features regularly in the media. To find out more about Jean, please see Book -

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