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6 smart ways to massively boost your digital branding


Branding is changing so rapidly. It’s more than just having a kickass logo and matching business cards. It’s more than a colour scheme on your website and a clever tagline. This evolution of branding means your brand needs to adapt in order to keep up with your customers’ expectations and your competitors’ tactics. Check out these six ideas to help you smash your digital branding out of the park this year.

1. Be personal

Customers’ expectations are higher than ever. This leaves brands fighting for their attention and jumping through all sorts of hoops to get them to say the words we all want to hear: “YES!” From wearable technology to iBeacon proximity devices and virtual reality shopping experiences — customers expect your product or service to be tailored to them. Forget the one-size-fits-all approach. If the customer or client doesn’t feel like you’re offering them a bespoke service they will go elsewhere. No, this isn’t viable for all business models, but you can implement simple tactics and they will go a long way. Try something as easy as including your customer’s first name. It’s Personalisation 101, but it will make your customers feel valued and just that little bit more special.

2. Think on your domain choice

If you couldn’t find the .com or extension a couple of years ago when your brand kicked off that’s okay, because now you can have almost any extension you want. So it’s the perfect time to update your URL if you want to lose the ‘.net’. There are so many really cool options now, so you can really get creative. Just make sure you consult with an SEO expert before doing the switch so you don’t lose your google street cred in cyberland. Check out this list of super cool domain extensions for you to consider.

3. Consider the important issues

Caring about the important issues is, well, important. It’s not just the big brands making a difference in the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) stakes anymore. Any brand that wants to connect to customers should create an element of humanism in their brand. Find something that you can really assimilate your brand to and strive to make a difference. Whether you choose to donate money or just allocate time to build awareness for a cause – it all helps.

4. Recognise the shift in focus on Brand versus Brand Experience

It’s not enough to provide the service or product that the customer purchases anymore. It’s all about what you do to go above and beyond what you say you will do and what the customer expects. It’s time to build a brand experience not just a brand.

5. Increase your visual literacy

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. This may not be the case in this example, but the use of an emoji does have the power to convey more emotion than words. At least a lot quicker and a lot easier. It brings your brand alive when it comes to your marketing. It gives your brand a personality. Customers are using emojis to communicate with friends and family, so brands that plan on sticking around should start using this language to connect with their customers too.

6. Time is of the essence

People expect you to be quick. With 90% of all buying decisions being emotional, if you’re too slow you may miss the sales boat. In particular, with your social media platforms there are tools you can set up so you have automatic responses. This is something you should implement ASAP if you can’t realistically have people man the social fort at all hours of the day and night. This will buy you some more time but do try and respond as soon as you can. Facebook now shows users how long business pages typically take to reply to customers messages. The pressure is on. Customer expectations on timeliness are higher than ever so make sure your brand has a plan to not only combat this but to exceed it.

If you can recognise these six areas of awesome branding and adapt your business branding accordingly, you’ll be sure to build a reputation as a brand at the forefront of this current shift in marketing. Don’t be the business who waits for everyone else to adapt before you take on this advice. Act now, and even if everyone else is a little behind the eight ball you’ll be the leader not the follower.

Which is what we all strive to be, right? Good luck!

About Maria Bellissimo-Magrin

Attitude isn’t everything. But it sure helps.Maria Bellissimo-Magrin certainly wouldn’t have become a CEO of a full-service creative marketing agency without it. While you’ll never hear her claiming to be a creative genius, with such a fantastic team at Belgrin backing her, it doesn’t take long for her clients to start throwing this term around. That’s the power of good marketing. She started out in the industry 15 years ago and was quickly head hunted by Saatchi & Saatchi. In that time, she’s worked in Sydney, England and Bahrain. For the last eight years she’s been at the helm of Belgrin working to combine her vision and the firm’s class to create something greater and more meaningful than its parts. She’s done so well because she offers the perfect blend of design, PR and social media. Her aim? To make marketing easy, so you can spend your time on more important stuff. Her client list certainly attests to her success at that! It includes Jones Lang LaSalle, GPT Group, Colliers, Bingo Industries, Mercedes, Audi, Fiat, Ford, the list goes on. She enjoys providing answers and delivering on these, offering a support network for a company’s creative marketing requirements, and passionate clients who want to create something special. But what she truly loves and what she does it for is that gleam in a client’s eyes that tells her she’s exceeded their wildest expectations. And yes, that twinkle might not happen every day, but with her it’s a hell of a lot more common than with anybody else out there.

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