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Business travel tips: 6 tips to best use your downtime


Travelling, even for business purposes, is almost always an exciting prospect. No matter how tired or jet-lagged you are, it’s human nature to feel a little bit enthusiastic about visiting a new place. We outline 6 great business travel tips to make the most of your downtime.

Business trips can be an exciting opportunity to broaden your horizons and gain new experiences, whilst working towards your business and career goals. With domestic and international travel looking to return to normality in the near future, long awaited business trips may already be in the planning.

Business travel tips to best use your downtime

Make the most of your time

Travelling for business purposes can often be very stressful,but it is important to make the most your time away from the office or home. Whether you’re staying in a serviced apartment in a metropolitan city like London, or in a hotel somewhere less glamourous, how can you make the most of your downtime?


If you’re lucky enough to be travelling to somewhere with a certain allure or attraction, then you should take the opportunity you have to explore the local area. City regions will offer captivating cityscapes and skylines, with famous landmarks and buildings to discover. If you’re in a more secluded location, there should be more fresh, open air to take-in before or after your working hours.

Try different cuisines

Perhaps one of the most exciting things you could do on a business trip is try new cuisines that you wouldn’t usually have access to back home. You may be near a Vietnamese street food bar or a Brazilian restaurant where you can take some food back to your accommodation or sit-in. Whatever you fancy, trying something new can be a good way to make the most of the break from your normal routine and broaden your horizons.

Enjoy some rest

You may very well be knackered from your business proceedings during the day, so by all means, get the rest you deserve to unwind properly. Your serviced apartment may have a big, comfy bed which you may never want to leave. You can catch up on some TV you have missed or indulge on your favourite films.Your business travel may be a rare break from a manic home or family-life, so take a moment to appreciate where you are.

Stay active

It may be tough to motivate yourself to exercise, particularly if you are without your usual gym or away from your favourite running route. However, ensuring that you continue to exercise is a good way to relieve any stress and anxiety that you may have or just give you something to do besides sitting in your accommodation. If you are a running or walking enthusiast, you may be able to find some breathtaking routes that show you a whole new side of the area around you.

Immerse in the local culture

Whether this means checking out a jazz bar in New Orleans or the famed markets in Paris and London, get out and about and mix with the local culture — you’ll bring back unforgettable memories!

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