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6 Tools you should integrate into your business


Businesses are considering the ways they can refine their practices and make the next year even more fruitful than the last. Consider these tech tools for your business.

1. Tools to improve internal communication

We use social media in our personal lives and utilize multiple channels to further our business marketing practices, but have you taken advantage of social media within your company? Enterprise social media networking has become essential for modern companies, and can provide your employees with numerous benefits. Connect between departments that have no face-to-face interaction on a normal basis, facilitate message boards through which employees can quickly access answers to questions and advice from other more senior members in the company, and improve camaraderie through refined communication processes.

2. ALM software

Companies like Inflectra produce ALM software that helps manage the life cycles of their software development. If your business outsources IT work or development, whether in the States or overseas, you can’t ignore the benefits of this tool. Track progress with live updating, maintain quality assurance with bug tracking features, execute test cases and create task lists to keep your remote teams on track. If you’re looking to make your business more collaborative, and have all of your employees working smarter and harder towards a shared goal, you’ll want to take advantage of all the features this type of software offers.

3. Accounting software

We couldn’t talk about accounting software and not mention Quickbooks. Continuing to grow in popularity, this accounting software is perfect for small and medium sized business. Simple bookkeeping tasks are handled automatically, and you can utilize the software to create a business plan that will aid immensely when applying for a line of credit or business loan when it comes time to expand. Simplify your finances with quick access to bank information and make it easier to share importance documents with accountants or bookkeepers.

4. Payment processing software

If you offer your products or services online, you’ll need a payment-processing infrastructure. Stripe continues to grow, and this single API system makes it easier for businesses to process numerous payments. This software can record consumer credit card information for use later on, process subscriptions, and transmit card information into a simplified code to expedite the payment process on both sides of the process: business and consumer.

5. Customer chat applications

Want to serve your consumers better? You’ll need to provide them with easy routes of communication. That’s where customer chat applications come in. Check out Olark. This software allows your customers an avenue to reach your support team, and helps you turn any visit to your website into an opportunity to provide excellent customer service. With targeted chat features, you can set specific rules to interact only with the customers that head to specific pages or perform certain behaviors. Customers can provide immediate feedback on every chat interaction, helping you and your employees refine your process and build a better experience for the next guest to grace your website.

6. Virtual desktop capabilities

If you have employees who work remotely, or your industry or particular business requires copious amounts of travel, there’s no overstating the importance of virtual desktop capabilities. As many industries have now switched to global workforces, it’s important to give your employees the ability to work anywhere, any time. Check out Citrix XenApp. This software can help you mobilize your workforce, protect sensitive information, and optimize your network capabilities all in one fell swoop.

If you’re looking for ways to remain on top of the competition in 2017, incorporate these essential tools into your business this year and reap the rewards in terms of both output and profitability.

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