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6 vices of the business woman


Surviving a day as a professional woman requires much more than just turning up to work and checking out at 5pm. There are a few vices we need to get us through, and I use the word ‘vices’ lightly.  These are necessities, and with very good reason.

We are mentally working 24/7, we cannot switch off — and why should we? If we love what we do then the only thing we need to worry about is how we can remain at optimal levels to ensure we are efficient for those 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Here are the top 6 vices of the business woman:

1. Diet Coke

Often seen in the hand of a hardworking woman… diet coke is the guilt-free vice. A calorie-free pick-me-up that can revive flagging energy levels after a slog of morning meetings and presentations, and get her ready for the next onslaught.

2. Coffee

Only true poets could find words to praise the beautiful taste and aroma of this bean. It gives you hope in the mornings, ensures you survive the 3pm slump and helps you push through the 10pm proposals and email catch-ups.

3. Working out/trainer

It will be hard to find a woman who is powering through a day/week that doesn’t have an obsessive relationship with her personal trainer or gym. Up at 5:30am to go for a run, be screamed at, or lift heavy weights – it all pumps copious amounts of endorphins into the system. We are on top of the mountain before we even eat breakfast. One day without training and we feel like our lives are falling apart. No, seriously… we do.

4. Working

Yes I said working. I am often asked “so what do you do to unwind” and I answer “work”. Why? Because I genuinely love what I do and this is the case for most business women.

5. Hairdressers

Good hair is never a bad thing. Ever. And while once you might have begrudged the time away from your desk, these days laptops, tablets and smartphones make it easy to catch up on some work – and in some relative isolation from distraction.  The icing on the cake? Walking out looking our most polished and confident. Yes, I’ll take that.

6. Beauticians

A massive vice for some of us. It is literally the only time I am awake and without technology. There is something about being pampered, massaged and manicured that can get a woman ready for the week.  Try and take this vice away from me and it could be dangerous to your health.



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