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6 Ways to ace the working mom balancing act


It’s not easy being a working mom and constantly juggling home, kids and a full-time job. Somehow 24 hours is never enough, and you always end up feeling that anything you do for your family always falls short.

Aren’t there times when you wonder if you will ever find balance? Will you ever be one of those who will smoothly transition from being a working woman to a dutiful mother at home? The good news is that while it’s not easy, it’s not impossible either. With a smart and focused approach, there is nothing stopping you from being a super mom and an outstanding employee – together!

Here are 6 ways you can ace the working mom balancing act –

Get over guilt

What happens when you are stuck late in office and your child needs urgent writing help at home? The first emotion that hits you is guilt – guilt over depriving your child of the attention and help he/she needs, guilt over choosing office over children, guilt over not being a “good” mother.

When you find yourself falling into the ‘guilt trap’, you need to condition your mind to feel otherwise. Instead of beating yourself over the situation, be practical and take actions. Remind yourself that by working, you are able to contribute to the well-being of your family and are setting a good example for your kids.

The key to conquering mommy guilt is planning your days better. Even making a small change in your lifestyle like waking up an hour or two earlier does wonders to your day and allows you to devote time to both home and family more comfortably.

Flexibility at work

Your boss expects the world out of you and here you are, trying to make ends meet to keep your family and company happy. Situations like these give rise to undue stress and should be avoided that all costs.

Don’t shy away from being transparent with your manager. Explain your responsibilities as a mom and ask for a flexible schedule. A flexible work schedule will help you manage your time better and align it as per your child’s. Your company needs to understand that this small step will go a long way in keeping you more happy and productive.

Quality family time

More than ‘how much’ time you spend with family, it’s about how you maximize the time you spend with them.

Weekends should be purely family time – whether it’s going out together to an amusement park or staying in and catching up on a movie, find ways to do fun activities together as a family to make up for the working weekdays.

Ensure you have at least one meal a day together with your family. This is a good time to catch up on what’s happening in each of your lives and helps you stay more connected.

You can also involve your children in simple chores like running errands, cooking a meal or doing the laundry and use this time to make quality conversation with them.

Last but not the least, you must go on vacations together. So, go, explore a new place as a family and make lifelong memories along the way!

Split responsibilities

Men often tend to assume that providing for the family is their primary responsibility and taking care of the house and kids is a woman’s, never mind the fact that she works as well. As a working mother, you need to set the right foundation and manage expectations.

Remember – you are not alone in this. Your husband is equally responsible for taking care of your children as much as you are. Split household chores and parenting responsibilities, and you are bound to live happier and stress-free lives. You can take turns to drop the kids to school or clean up after dinner – after all, you need to support each other through it all.

Sharing parental duties not just helps you balance your lives better but is also key to a happy marriage.

Be present, mentally

Being a working parent, it is common to get thinking about work related issues even once you are back home after work, but you must realize that no amount of time spent with your children makes sense if you don’t give them your undivided attention.

So, next time you plan on getting work home or attending to calls after work – know that it’s a terrible idea and learn to switch off. When you are home, you are a mother and that is all you need to be.

Embrace me-time

Amidst all the juggling you do, making time for yourself is extremely important. The last thing you want is to experience a burnout and let it ruin all the effort you have put in. Take time out with your friends, go for a spa guilt-free or join yoga classes because no one deserves it more than you. When you take out time for yourself, you tend to be more content and adopt a calmer approach to work, family and everything in between. 

By incorporating these tips in your daily life, you are sure to get a lot closer to achieving the balance you are aiming for. No one’s perfect and how much ever you wish to be everywhere, you can’t so stop expecting yourself to be a superwoman and beating yourself over it. Take good care of your physical and mental health, plan smart and practice mindful parenting to be the best at home and at work.

Adela Belin is a private educator and a writer at Writers Per Hour. She shares her teaching experience with colleagues, students, and writers. Feel free to contact Adela on G+.

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