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6 ways call recording can benefit your business and client interaction


Call centers record all calls using call recording software, but did you know that your own business can also benefit from these recordings? Many times, the first people that your customers or prospects encounter create a lasting impression of your business.

Training helps your employees handle calls properly, but sometimes, things can fall through the cracks. Correcting mistakes and using these opportunities for improvement are possible with good call recording software. Here’s a list of reasons why you should be considering one for your business.

6 ways call recording can benefit your business

1. Help identify problem areas

By replaying recordings of your employees’ interactions with customers, it is very easy to pinpoint potential problem areas. It could be the choice of words, tone of voice, or manner of handling issues that may need improvement. With audio, it is easy to detect how your customers respond to certain phrases or styles of communicating and you can readily tweak any scripts that your people use or modify the training given them.

2. Catch details that were missed or forgotten

It is hard to give full attention to a customer call while painstakingly trying to jot down detailed notes. Call recording allows your people to actively listen to your customer and respond to them, knowing that you can always play back the recording to ensure that all the details of the call are noted and accurately reported for action.

3. Know your customers better

Call recordings help your marketing team know your customers better and formulate targeted marketing campaigns. Some call recording software can actually use artificial intelligence (AI) to provide more insights about your customers, their preferences, personal challenges, and risk aversions. Selected quotes picked out by AI can identify customer concerns like “I have a limited budget”, “I do not want to be the first to try a new product”, or “I prefer a known and tested brand” help your team get into the minds of your customers so you can respond more effectively to them and plan how to improve your offerings.

4. Enhance your product or service

Calls from customers either praise your product or service, or complain about them. Most of the time, it will be the latter. Without call recordings, you rely on your employees answering the calls to make complaint reports to you. With call recordings, nothing is missed. Many times, customers are willing to provide suggestions and feedback for product or service improvement. Call recordings document all of these and can be played back again and again for management and employees to listen to and discuss during meetings and training programs.

5. Improve your team’s performance

By recording calls, you can let your people hear actual conversation with customers. It’s a great way to show them good and bad examples of how to respond to customer calls, helps them improve their communication skills, and provides them with tips on how to more effectively settle issues or market products.

6. Resolve disputes and protect against litigation

Being able to listen to customers’ archived calls will also prove invaluable in case of any confusion. For example, the customer may insist that he purchased a warranty. There could also be disputes as to whether financial charges were properly explained. Listening to the actual exchanges between the two can readily clear matters up.

Lastly, this may not be something you will encounter daily but there are times when businesses are confronted with potential litigation. Lawsuits and lawyers are expensive and most businesses, except for the really large ones, cannot afford this. Call recordings can save the day. Since most of the legal disputes stem from miscommunication, having an actual call recording can help sort things out before it escalates.

Call recordings are an inexpensive way to monitor your business. The wealth of information, insights, and protection it can provide you will more than offset the investment in the long run.


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