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6 ways to inspire yourself in the mornings


Inspire yourself in the mornings

Dolly Parton made it sound way too easy. Tumbling out of bed and stumbling to the kitchen to pour a big cup of ambition is easier said then done. However, these tips are a little more achievable to help you hit your best performance daily. Finding inspiration, motivation — and that cup of ambition — will become much easier. Here are our six tips to inspire yourself in the mornings.

1: Move your alarm

The temptation to turn off the alarm and roll back over is too strong. You have to resist! Moving your alarm clock to a different section of the room (or another room completely) will encourage you to get up out of bed to go and silence it. You can even pick up an alarm clock on wheels that runs away from you when it’s time to get out from underneath the covers. You will be forcing yourself to get up and start the day, despite the disturbing way it needs to be done.

2: Take time to reflect

Bed is the perfect place to think. It’s quiet, tranquil and comfortable. Allowing your thoughts to flow will help you relax and be ready to get going, clearing your thoughts of any distractions or remembering what you are thankful for. This can be the perfect way to understand what it is you need to be motivated for, and why your goals are so important. Clear the negativity and be thankful for the important.

 3: Create a vision board

A vision board is the tangible symbol of your drive for success. Creating a vision board will not only remind you of your goals, it can also be a fun and focusing process. A vision board is a poster board of all the things you desire and want to accomplish, in either long or short term. These goals can include anything; work, family, friends, holidays or luxuries. Ideas could be entirely personal or the use of Pinterest and other social media sites can help provide further inspiration. Place the final product in a prominent place so when you wake up you are immediately faced with all your goals inspiring and reminding you exactly what you are working towards.

 4: Drink water not coffee

Your heart screams for coffee, but your brain says it is probably not wise. This time the brain wins. Go with some fresh water. It provides amazing benefits, works to cleanse your system, keep your skin looking clear and also provides you with hydration. Adding this to your morning routine right after waking up can also help you feel more lively and aid your digestive system for the day. A glass of water will also aid the flow of inspiration for your day. Adding fruit to your daily glass can provide flavor and also a few extra vitamins, but you can also have supplements and medications delivered to your door.

 5: Find a routine that suits you

It sounds almost too simple. But if mornings are stressful, some routine ‘trial and error’ could help you find the best way to feel motivated. Knowing you need to get out of bed to get school lunches ready and work started isn’t all that inspiring, so if you’re a person who enjoys spending extra time in the bathroom give yourself that time. Makeup, hair, a good skin care routine and an outfit that makes you feel good are all ways to further inspiration just through the simple amplifying of confidence. Sure you may need to get up a little earlier, but looking good helps you to feel good. You deserve the pampering!

 6: Affirmations to the rescue

Buy yourself a notebook and keep it nearby. In its pages, compile different affirmations… a great way to inspire yourself. This way you can read through them quickly before you get out of bed to place yourself in a mindset that will amp up your energy to succeed. If you are too busy to make your own, buy a book from the local bookstore. Supermodel Miranda Kerr has written two books (Treasure Yourself’ and ‘Empower Yourself) compiled with affirmations she says help her feel confident. One a day could be enough to put yourself into the right frame of mind. Here are some I found helpful for the business woman working towards success.

–       My business is growing, expanding, and thriving.

–       My ability to conquer my challenges is limitless; my potential to succeed is infinite.

–       My obstacles are moving out of my way; my path is carved towards greatness.

Inspiration often hides at the times we need it most. However, we can uncover it if we just work at it from the second we awake. Take ownership, and inspire yourself on a daily basis until it becomes routine. The morning provides us with a peaceful outlet to shed frustrations and welcome new beginnings. Now we can follow Dolly’s example and get ourselves that nice, fresh cup of ambition!

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