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6 ways women can stand out in the business world


More women today wonder what they can do to stand out in the business world, and even more so if they work in a male-dominated industry.  According to a report from the Institute of Women’s Policy Research, the presence of women in the world of small-business ownership is still rising – about 29 percent of the world’s small business owners are women.

There may still be times when females find themselves the only woman in the meeting or at the table. This situation can be overwhelming sol earn to focus on the things you can control –hard work and producing results are two of those things. An approach that focuses on business first ensures gender does not define a woman in her career. Take a look at these 6 strategies that can help any hardworking woman stand out in the business arena.

Kill people with competence

We hear this a lot about kindness, which is undeniably important, but a great way to advance your career is to utilize your skills and strong work ethic to demonstrate that you are competent. Know your products and services – facts are your best friends. In the absence of business competencies, it will be more difficult to establish and maintain your business.  The good news is, some competencies are innate and many can be developed with some effort.

Emulate good people

Take the time to learn what to do about the challenges businesswomen face to help you experience great success. One thing every woman should do is learn how to exude confidence 24/7.  Part of that feeling of sheer confidenceis preparation – know your products and services inside out. It’s normal to feel anxious, but by giving off a positive and professional vibe, you can overcome any skepticism that may come your way.

Offer insight

It’s smart to build rapport from the get-go through facilitating communication and building a credible reputation. While it’s ideal to get people’s business, honesty is still always the best policy, so step up and admit if you think you aren’t the best resource for the potential customer.  It’s all about building trust and while it may seem crazy to give up dollars now, that trust you build could pay off in a few months down the road.

Be a good listener

Make it a point to be a person who listens – the skill of being a good listener is one that can take you far and is a convincing way to show others your worth.  Learn what your customer needs as well as their weak points and figure out how you can help them overcome challenges.  Listen to any questions or concerns they have and make sure to answer any questions thoroughly.

Focus on authenticity

Understand your personal strengths and realize that authentic businesses are the ones that inspire and prosper. Make sure you stay true to yourself. In a virtual world, people have a hunger for something genuine and more than just a service, but an experience that is transparent and honest. Businesses have to keep up with consumer authority and give people what they want in order to prosper. Authenticity is one of many ways to build customer trust to stand out from the competition.

Take some risks

It’s okay – and smart — to strategically take risks. Targeted risks are how you can achieve your potential so try not to fear them. Prepare and do any necessary research to ensure the odds are stacked on your side.  Don’t be afraid to go for it – and if you succeed, remember that it will really pay off.  If it doesn’t pan out, focus on what you can learn from it and take those lessons and use them to your advantage the next time.

The road to success is the same for women as it is for men.  Make it a point to demonstrate your effectiveness, show that you are willing to collaborate with others, work hard to reach your goals, and never stop looking for opportunities to grow professionally. Focus on these strategies and you will excel in business no matter how many males are in your industry.

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