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The 7 crucial technologies for your business


Technology has moved on a lot over the past decade. And that has forced many companies to develop at a similar pace. As a result, it can now be quite difficult staying up to date with all the current technology that is important for business. But it is imperative that you do try and embrace all technology that is available. It will help your business run smoothly, and you will also be able to keep one foot ahead of all your competitors.

So which new technologies are crucial and which can you choose to ignore? Here is our round-up of the best new technologies that your business should embrace as soon as possible.

1. Cloud technology

Now we are well into the 21st Century; we no longer need to rely on primitive forms of storage like floppy disks and CD-Roms. Instead, all the soft copies of your important files and documents can be stored online using cloud technology. These days, many companies rent out space on their cloud to other companies for storage. It is a very safe way to keep your files, as they won’t be tied to hard drives and computer networks. That means that you don’t have to worry about losing your files when a computer breaks or becomes unusable. Everything is also securely protected against viruses and cyber attacks. Another benefit of using cloud technology is that you can access it from any computer. All you need are the login details for your account.

2. Online payment services

If you have a bricks and mortar shop, you might think that there is no need for you to also set up an online store, right? Wrong! These days, almost everyone is online. Both customers and companies. By opening an online store, you will be matching what your competitors are offering. And will also reach a wider number of potential customers. There are a number of things you need to remember when you set up your online store. You will require a trusted online payment service, such as PayPal. It is also important that you have iot banking to ensure that the funds are securely transferred to your company’s bank account.

3. Call software and hardware

Many companies use Skype for all their conference calls. Skype is perfectly fine, but it can often become frustrating when trying to organize a call between multiple offices. The internet connection could be too slow to hold the connection, and you might find that the quality of the calls is sometimes not at its best. Thankfully, there are now many different conference call software that you can invest in. These specialize in hooking up various callers, unlike Skype which is just suited to connecting a call between two parties. Be sure to also get a conference phone so that all the quality of all your calls are crystal clear. Also consider the benefits of VoIP connection technology for your phone service.

4. Wearable tech

Over the past year or so, there has been a big boom in wearable technology. The first technology of this type to burst onto the market wasn’t for companies, though. It was the Fitbit which is used by gym bunnies to track their fitness progress. However, recent months have seen some wearable products aimed at professionals creep onto the market. And most businesses are contemplating investing in this tech so that all their employees have something to wear. So what are the benefits of this technology that you can take anywhere? Well, that’s just it! You can take it anywhere. So you can always be connected to your colleagues and employees during working hours. One example of this kind of tech is the smartwatch. It has all the same functions as a smartphone. But seeing as you wear your watch, you don’t have to worry about losing it!

5. Internet Safety

As internet technology continues to develop, so too do the skills of hackers. Internet viruses are becoming much more sophisticated and can quickly learn how to overcome cyber security. Therefore, it is always important to ensure that you always have the latest internet security software on all your devices. As well as your complete computer network. Most of the best cyber security can be quite expensive. But you should see this as a crucial investment for your company. Otherwise, you could end up losing important files and sensitive data in a cyber attack. And that could have a devastating effect on your business. Be sure to always update all your antivirus software and firewall whenever you are prompted to as well. This helps your computers and devices stay fully protected.

6. Real-time tech

Do you wish there was some technology that could notify you when your stock starts to run low? Well, now there is! In fact, there have been great developments in real-time tech recently. This is technology that can update itself and notify you when things reach certain points. For example, equipment that can let you know when something is wrong. Or trucks and cars that can track themselves out on the road. This whole branch of tech is known as the Internet of Things. It is thought that one day, each and every object will be connected to the internet. It will also be able to notify us whenever anything goes wrong or needs seeing to.

7. Apps are key

There is now a variety of different apps that are being used by businesses. And they can all help to streamline your working day and help increase the productivity of your employees. For instance, many email apps can help you keep on top of your inbox. Download one of these, and you will never have trouble tracking your emails again. Find it difficult to cut down your procrastination online? Then simply use one of the apps that can block Facebook and Twitter for certain periods of time. If you get the right apps and use them correctly, you will find that you never waste a minute of your day ever again!

Still not too sure about technology for your business? Hopefully, this blog post has helped you see the light and persuaded you that it has never been more important to embrace it.

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