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The 7 deadly sins of time management


When it comes to smart time management, we are all a little sinful. I mean, where does the time go? To ensure your ongoing success it will help to recognise, and avoid, the following 7 deadly time management sins.

1. Lust — What about me?

You are a busy woman. You have so many balls in the air, and often lust for more, it’s no wonder you let a few drop here and there. Yet the ball you most often drop is ‘self-love’. When you find yourself with a little spare time, you never seem to spend it on yourself.

Start scheduling time for your own mental health, or whatever else it is that you lust for – success, happiness, family time – will also suffer.

2. Gluttony — You don’t say No

When you say Yes to all the requests that come your way, two things will happen:

∙         you will quickly run out of time; and

∙         the requests will keep coming because you are renowned as the Go To Girl who always delivers.

There just isn’t enough time to do everything, and be everything, for everyone. Like changing any habit, learning to say No is challenging and will take persistence. Start practicing.

3. Greed — You were told you could have it all. So, what happened?

You might think that you can have it all. You might even think you need it all. Wrong.

You don’t need to have it all – you only need to aim for all the bits that are important to you. Focus on what’s most important and forget the rest – it’s just a distraction.

4. Sloth — You don’t know where to start and so you don’t

You know you need to manage your time smarter, but you have 1000 excuses as to why today is not the best day to start. Really?

There is never going to be a best day to start. But you do need to pick a day. Find the space to reframe – take control and circle a date in your diary, or you will put this off forever.

5. Wrath  — Don’t get angry, get smart

You feel busy. You tell people you are busy. You certainly look busy. But just what is it you do each day that has generated all of this busy-ness?

If you don’t know in detail where you spend your time, how can you know what changes you need to make?

6. Envy — Look at her…

You compare yourself to the Superwoman in your circle. You know, the one who seems to manage it all without raising a sweat.

Just stop. Stop thinking she is doing a better job than you. Stop second guessing your own actions based on your perception of how amazing she is.

Set your own goals. Identify your own Values. Live your own life.

7. Pride — You don’t ask for help

Trying to do it all while attempting to maintain and grow your success is not sustainable.

Look at this through a different lens – if you burn out, then in your absence you will be replaced by a team of people who will manage the many facets of your life until you get better. So, if it takes a team of people to replace you, how is it that you thought you could manage to do it all on your own?

It’s OK to ask for help. It’s OK to expect help. It’s OK to pay for help. Start seeking help when you need it.

Some or all of these 7 deadly sins will have resonated with you, so next time you catch yourself walking along the path of darkness just pause, rethink what you are doing, and change your course.

About Kate Christie

Kate Christie is a time management specialist, best selling author, global speaker and the founder and CEO of Time Stylers. For more information about Kate go to

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