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The 7 health and fitness rules for the busy businesswoman


Being a busy entrepreneur is demanding on the body. Over time, bad eating habits and a lack of exercise can begin to impact the health of any businesswoman. Long hours at the office and the stress and pressure, of meeting goals and targets, add up to a sedentary lifestyle and a lot of junk food.  If you are tired of feeling sick and tired, then it’s time to take back control of your health. Here are some tips for nutrition and training that you can use to get back in shape.

#1 Reduce your learning curve

Hiring a professional trainer is the easiest way to achieve your health and fitness goals. A coach will help you learn the basics of exercise and run you through everything you need to know about bio kinetics and working out. It’s better to learn it correctly from a pro than to try it yourself and develop bad habits.

#2 Set a goal

As a successful business woman, you will understand the importance of setting goals. You need a clear target to focus on if you want to achieve your vision in reality. The same applies to your physique and health goals. Take some time to analyze your body and picture yourself with the ideal body you desire. Work with your trainer to develop a six to eight-week program that they can guide you through and monitor your progress.

#3 Choose your activity

Getting fit and in shape does not mean that you have to attend a commercial gym. If that sort of thing is not your style and you prefer the outdoors for your exercise, try out running, cycling, jogging, walking, or swimming. Do whatever it takes to elevate your heart rate for more than thirty minutes every day.

#4 Stay dedicated & inspired

Stay devoted to achieving your goal and when you lack the motivation to get up and train, find some inspiration to get you moving back on track to your goals. Pick a favorite track list to listen to while you train, create a vision board of people with your ideal physique. Whatever you can do to stay motivated and inspired will help you through the low points when you are tempted to call off training and break your diet.

#5 Calculate your calorie number

Know how many calories you need every day and stay on or under that figure. Your trainer or dietician will be able to help you do the math if you find it confusing.

#5 Throw out the garbage

Stop eating comfort food, fast food, mid night snacks and all sugar products. These convenience foods will devastate your health.

#6 Eat a nutritious diet

Choose healthy fats and proteins such as; extra virgin coconut oil, nuts, eggs, fatty fish, and nut butter, as the cornerstone of your diet. Add in some whole grains and sprouts for your slow digesting source of carbs and fiber, and you will feel the difference in your well-being as the inflammation subsides and your GI tract adjusts to a healthy environment.

#7 Supplement your diet

Supplements should only be used to supplement your diet, not as a crutch to rely on a failing diet plan. Consider them the icing on the cake, start with an antioxidant and vitamin complex and vitamin-based products. Vitamin C serum benefits the body by removing free radicals from the bloodstream and preventing the oxidation and death of cells.

Echinacea improves immune response, disease prevention, and resistance to infection. Spirulina is dried algae, and research shows that it improves metabolism, boosts immune and detoxifies the blood with antioxidants.

Calcium is another important supplement for healthy bones and teeth. Round your supplement stack off with a gram of fish oil every day. Fish oil comes in soft gel capsules and helps with reducing inflammation, improving cognitive function and elevating metabolism.

In closing

All it takes is a plan and consistency. If you realize that your health is your wealth and the most important part of extending longevity in business, then it’s time to take action. Create a training journal and record your progress, the more data you have to analyze when you hit a plateau, the better. Get started on your journey today and begin your climb back to excellent physical and mental health.

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