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7 Instagram tools for social media business strategy


This guide outlines the best Instagram tools to make your social media strategy easier, seamless and more effective.

The marketing power that is evident when Instagram is effectively deployed is such that gives gusto to the use of methods and platforms to optimize its use. Since Instagram was optimized on mobile platforms, it means your account needs to be managed with the active use of your phone.

A slew of tools are now available to alleviate this challenge and aid your business growth. In this regard, these carefully identified 7 Instagram tools can help build your business strategy.

The best Instagram tools for social media business strategy

1. Boomerang

This Instagram tools app was developed to enable you create one second fun videos that has no audio content. It makes it possible for snappy GIFS to be created and they can slant back and forth. The results from this silly-looking innovation are eye-catching and it effectively stops casual scrollers’ right on their tracks.

The edge that career women will find attractive here is that they are able to create an impactful video without having to be bogged down for so long before coming up with a concept when they are pressed for time to attend to homemaking demands.


  • The single moment creating and sharing feature of Boomerang means no deep thought is required to create what can be eye-catching to the everyday Instagram user.
  • Since no plot is involved in these GIFS, you only need to recognize and create an interesting and fun scene.

2. Social Insight

The power of analytics cannot be overlooked when considering the depth of Instagram marketing and useful Instagram tools. You are able to access analytics with depth by using this tool. You can use it for multiple accounts and since it is web-based, it can be accessed on multiple devices.


Your follower growth stats, interactions and engagement become easy to monitor and evaluate by using this tool. It provides you leads on the best time to post and also to;

  • Link multiple accounts on Instagram and to switch between accounts and view the data of interest.
  • See new features available on the app and how best you can use them
  • Provides more than 28 data points that show you the followers that you lost or gained, the engagement time, the most engaged filters and associated metrics.
  • Monitor likes and endorsements with this tool easily. If you need more people to endorse your post, consider strategies to build likes on instagram. It can give you the jump start you need, and IdigicNet can help with this.

For a business or brand keen on developing and improving on any business strategy in 2016 and beyond, this a must-have.

3. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is an Instagram tools app that enables you to grow and manage your Instagram following with ease. It is multi-platform compatible- making it possible to use in your iOS / Android and as a web app. For career women faced with the demands of self-care, work engagements and social commitments, this is a must-have.


  • You can easily follow users likely to buy service or product
  • Update those you follow and unfollow unresponsive users
  • See in real-time those who follow you that you have not reciprocated
  • See who has unfollowed you after linking your Instagram to this app
  • See those fans that follow Instagram accounts you love and also possibly follow them

Crowdfire is a strategic tool you should use if you are keen on building your brand.

4. Snapseed

Instagram provides Instagram tools that enable you to modify your pictures but with Snapseed, you are able to fine-tune any photograph you desire to modify. The distinctive of this app is that you can modify photos with a brush instead of working on an image as a whole. You are therefore able to see the finer details of each image and improve it to your taste.


  • Use Snapseed’s Stacks to save or create a template by saving groups of filters
  • You are saved time and you create a consistency in your image feed with this app
  • It can be downloaded on Android and iStore
  • Easy to repost and attribute source of the image
  • Makes it easy to find distinct images with hashtags or user ID

If you are in the entertainment or fashion industry where women hold sway, you will find this app necessary to repost other users ‘generated content. This can help reduce the pressures of sourcing for fresh images and free up time for most career woman who probably have other competing facets of life (like family and kids) to deal with.

5. Soldsie

Using Soldsie, you are able to showcase custom bio links to your brand. It effectively makes it possible to link your photos to products or services that your fans are interested in.


  • Makes it possible to track conversions and get reports on clicks to your bio link along with resultant conversions
  • Makes available a ready-to-use cart which synchronizes with the products on your Instagram posts thereby serving as an inventory management tool
  • Soldsie serves a utility purpose for E-commerce sites by linking to your Instagram page

6. SocialRank

This Instagram tools app makes it possible to identify the specific demographics of your Instagram followers. You will easily identify your brand advocates, valuable followers and influencers with the help of this app. For career women, this app provides a boost in building personal networks like their male counterparts so they can deploy their uniqueness to build their brand.


SocialRank avails you a variety of data that makes it possible;

  • To obtain your followers data and profiles
  • To organize followers’ profiles and make it easy to sort and filter their data
  • To create followers’ lists which you can export to CSV file or Twitter

SocialRank is an excellent tool which makes it possible to have followers’ demographics for best use in order to promote your business.

7. Facebook Power Editor

This Instagram tools app makes it possible to activate sponsored posts on your Instagram account. It makes it possible for Instagram users to utilize this powerful ad stream.

Whether as a fashion designer or beauty services provider on Instagram, you can structure your ad to be in congruence with your most engaging posts on this social platform. In an age that Haute Couture is still relevant; your followers have a chance to see the best you can offer and help your business growth through patronage.


  • Easy to target specific interest groups based on gender, income and surfing habits, etc
  • Easy to install an call-to-action button that can redirect to any external URL
  • Easy to limit expected spending on a daily basis

The uniqueness of Instagram advertising makes it probable that every forward thinking business will have to utilize it as business growth strategy


Instagram is a hit with millennials who are drawn in by the images and visual allure. More businesses with a keenness to grow their reach and turnover have a need to harness Instagram tools in order to remain relevant and attain their set targets. The new age of digital marketing has dawned.

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