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7 rules for starting an online store


The eCommerce landscape is growing ever bigger and booming at an unprecedented rate. The sales are going through the roof, and customers adore the prime convenience of purchasing from the comfort of their home, with just a few clicks of the finger. However, that is not to say that you should jump into this adventure without doing the spadework. There are some crucial considerations for anyone who really means online business, and a thorough guide to online business can help.

Market research

Carrying out thorough research is the cornerstone of any business. It is highly advisable to conduct a survey, and see whether there is space for you at all. You would be surprised to see what kind of products take hold in markets across the globe. For example, Japanese tea has found loyal customers thanks to the innovative MistaMatcha store. Likewise, Pixie Fairy has demonstrated that it is possible to hit big in a very narrow niche: In this case, it is selling doll clothing patterns.

Gain an edge

You cannot just sit behind the desk with eyes glued to the screen and hope that customers will flock to you. There needs to be a real need for your products in the market, and preferably, the absence of fierce competition.  Speaking of which, do not fail to scope out your direct competition. The best way to approach this is probably to type in a keyword you want to snatch and see the results. If you are presented with poorly designed and outdated websites, that is some good news for you.

Choose the platform

One of the primary concerns is the choice of an eCommerce platform. A specialized, custom solution, which is written in an obscure code, is not exactly a safe bet. You are much better off picking a trusted, well-supported platform. Now, if you do not possess coding skills, you can avoid this ordeal by opting for hosted platforms in the league of Shopify. As for those who mount WordPress, they enjoy a wide array of multifarious eCommerce plugins.

Marketing deliberation

Selling skills help a great deal, however, it is the marketing which allows you to stand out from the rest of the crowd. From guerilla to social media marketing, there is virtually a myriad of ways to capture the imagination and generate some buzz. One form you should not overlook is content marketing, as it adds real value to people’s lives. So, try to fill your pages with handy content, and other elements that go beyond the logic of short-term financial benefits.

Get social

Booming social hubs are the places where many of the potential customers dwell. It is of the utmost importance to identify their favorite networks, and establish a strong presence there. Therefore, utilize your social accounts as customer service tools, engage people in conversations, and answer their questions. When it comes to inexpensive channels for communication and marketing, Facebook is still the king, although eCommerce websites can profit greatly from image-heavy media, like Pinterest and Instagram.

Have user-friendliness in mind

Upon landing, customers must be presented with an appealing, well-designed, and functional environment. Those who go for a self-hosted solution have much work to do in terms of optimization, but it could pay off in many ways. The information must be clear, graphic elements discernable, and navigation seamless. Also, one of the key elements is load time. If it takes more than a few seconds to load the page, an average consumer will just move on.


Customers need to be able to find the store via organic search. That is to say that you must get search engines to care for your store. These powerful gatekeepers of the digital realm have a final say when it comes to your site’s prospects. Thus, update the information and content regularly and get your pages indexed faster. Those who boost the search engine rankings with good SEO witness an increased volume of internet traffic as sure as rain.

Ahead of the pack

Your store needs to be visible in online avenues, tailored to the needs of real people, and able to keep them coming back for more. It is advisable to test the market waters, check out your competition, and keep the fingers on the pulse of the customers. Harness the potential of social media and content marketing, spread the word out, and stay responsive. Taking these crucial steps should enable you to stay ahead of the curve and beat the legions of competition.

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