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7 Things powerful women do differently


When a powerful woman walks into a room, she’ll be sure to turn heads. She carries herself with confidence and exudes a certain enigma the way women leaders do. The way she walks, talks, and looks will let you know right off the bat that this woman will not tolerate any misgivings from anyone.

She knows what she wants to achieve, and goes after it with a passion. She perseveres through difficulties and will not be put down by anything or anyone. Her passion, drive, and confidence stem from within her soul. She never gives up, and she’s a force to be reckoned with.

With all that, here are 7 things that powerful women do differently.

1. She invests in herself.

A powerful woman takes the time to invest in herself, be it her health and beauty or her education. She takes the time to make sure that she’s fit, healthy, and beautiful inside and out.

She understands that if she wants to further her career, she needs to be educated and trained in her chosen field. Personality and professional development is a non-stop pursuit for her. She knows that complacency will hinder her growth and would continuously find ways to better herself.

2. She does not depend on anyone.

Being dependent on another person can be considered a weakness and a deterrent to personal success. A powerful woman makes sure that she can stand on her own two feet, and goes after her goals through her own perseverance. It’s as simple as setting goals, figuring out how to achieve them, and doing it.

She knows that by being independent, she’s virtually unstoppable. She can do anything with her own abilities that she carefully honed through years of determination and perseverance.

3. She doesn’t let herself become a victim.

A strong woman knows that complaining is a waste of time. She knows that when problems and issues arise, it’s more efficient to find solutions than to feel defeated and betrayed.

She doesn’t let herself become the victim. She rises above the challenge and fights to get what she needs and goes where she wants.

Yes, she can get angry, frustrated, or hurt. But she doesn’t let herself wallow in self-pity for too long. She gets up, pulls herself together, and tries again, but this time, harder.

4. She takes risks.

A strong woman knows that success cannot be achieved without taking risks. She knows that she needs to stop playing it safe occasionally. However, this doesn’t mean that they make reckless decisions. Strong women take carefully calculated risks.

According to Sheryl Sandberg, author of thebestseller “Lean In,” women should ask themselves – “what would you do if you weren’t afraid?” This will then affect change in all aspects of their lives.

5. She uplifts the people around her.

A powerful woman doesn’t need to put people down to get up on the ladder. To her, it’s not about getting ahead of other people – it’s about bringing them WITH her to the top.

So, when she sees somebody who needs help, she readily gives it. And when someone in her team underperforms, she finds a way to uplift them and encourage them to reach their full potential instead of talking them down.

A strong woman generously gives back to society and helps other people become successful. She understands that true success and happiness cannot be achieved by just focusing on herself. She wants everyone around her to get their own slice of heaven.

6. She’s not afraid to ask for help.

A powerful woman recognizes that she cannot do everything well on her own and knows when and how to ask for help. When something is outside her field of expertise, she will find someone to work with who can contribute to the goals and objectives she set. She understands that no one can reach the top alone and that working with a team can make success all the sweeter.

7. She knows that failure is part of the game.

While a powerful woman has firm beliefs and principles she upholds, she keeps an open mind and adapts to changes as best she can. She understands that change is the only constant thing in this world, and thus, uses it to her advantage by learning every step of the way – from the world and other people around her.

A strong woman knows that with change and learning come failure. She’s not afraid to fail and accepts failure as learning opportunities instead of roadblocks to her success. She rises to the occasion and fights with all her might to overcome difficulties.

Strength comes from within

For powerful women, the road to success is always fraught with difficulties, but strong women rise above challenges and fight like warriors for what they believe in, and what they want in life.

You can be a strong, powerful woman, too. Find the strength within you and ask yourself what you would do if you weren’t afraid. Determine what you want to achieve in your business, career or personal life, and go for it!

As women, you encounter risks and threats on a daily basis. Every day, you fight battles and come out the victor. Be not afraid. You are strong and powerful. It’s all about unleashing the power and strength within you. Show the world what you can do.

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