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7 Tips to stay resilient in business


Resilience: (noun) the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Starting and running a business is nothing short of a roller coaster ride. It takes a certain mindset, and a combination of tenacity and determination to stomach the highest of highs, to the lowest of lows. It’s safe to say some business owners typically fall short by not displaying resilience in the face of hardship and adversity.

In 2015, I had my own experience with resilience. Uncontrollable back and stomach pain revealed my diagnosis: stage 3 Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. By drawing on the strength and determination my family gave me, I underwent chemotherapy treatment, and won my battle with cancer.

Whilst still undergoing cancer treatment, I was inspired to create a product that could help me find relief from the pain caused by the chemotherapy. Resilience and business ownership go hand in hand. These experiences have taught me much. Here are 7 lessons on life, purpose and entrepreneurial spirit:

1. Find your motivation and your strength.

Gain confidence in yourself and have faith in your abilities. Too often we find ourselves thinking, ‘It’s a shame I didn’t pursue something earlier’. All women are capable of achieving success in their fields; but hard work, positivity and motivation ensure success. My business started under the demoralising experience of chemotherapy. But, because I was determined to find a solution to my pain, I used it to motivate myself, rather than let it bring me down. Beating cancer taught me how to strive for something. Finding your strength and focusing on what motivates you is key to success.

2. Understand your purpose.

Set-backs happen. Keeping a clear head and remembering what inspired you to start is the best solution. Why? Because purpose gives us strength to overcome. My purpose was made clear when a client of mind who was going through chemotherapy said this to me, “Whatever you do, you need to share this product with other women going through what I’m going through now.” I was inspired to help as many people as possible going through this experience. When I remind myself that this product is for other women going through all types of overheating pain, I am inspired all over again. Standing true to your purpose keeps you focused and determined. It not only stops you from giving up, but encourages you to do even more!

3. Believe in your product.

People don’t buy what you sell, they buy what you believe. I sourced and tested hundreds of designs before I launched my business. You can confidently stand by you product if you are confident and enthusiastic about what it can do. Let passion shine in all aspects of your business – from customer service and social media, to the story behind the product. If you have a fantastic product that you believe in, you will naturally work harder. People see passion, and will be more willing to believe in your product if you already do.

4. Whatever you put in, is what you get back.

For me, giving back means supporting a charity close to my heart. For every pink coloured Chilly Towel sold, we donate $2 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. To date, we have donated thousands of dollars to their amazing organisation. Investing in what you care about can help keep you driven. Giving back to a charity transforms your business mindset beyond just your own business goals. This practice makes you realise the impact your business can really have on people. You want success not only for yourself and your customers, but for others too.

5. Don’t throw in the towel.

You need to have a level of endurance but be mindful to take things at your own pace. My business definitely gives new meaning to ‘not throwing in the towel’. Try to keep focused and approach everything with a sense of calm and clarity. Then, set a goal and keep business running as smoothly as possible. For me, it isn’t, ’two steps forward one step back’, but, ‘fall down seven times, stand up eight’! Because of my journey with cancer, I never want to give up on my business, and I appreciate every day I have. I try not to let anything stressful get to me because I know it’s truly not going to be the end of the world.

6. Never forget to take care of yourself.

If you haven’t got your health, you have nothing. There is a difference between resilience and resistance. Knowing your limits, will stop you from pushing too hard at the wrong times. As business owners, we can feel like work is just battling against a brick wall. We become burnt out, tired and lack ideas. Allowing yourself to step back and take a breath, will help you realise that you matter – and will actually help you through the hard times. Take care of your mind and body and approach issues with a sense of ease. You will find that the components in your life – including your business – tend to naturally fall into place.

7. Celebrate your wins.

Success is a series of small wins. When you experience the pitfalls of business, you can truly appreciate and enjoy every victory. Taking time to listen to testimonials from customers or sitting down to read your product’s feature in a magazine, allows you to celebrate every success – big or small. I discovered this simple habit as a result of my own journey, as I wanted to appreciate every moment. I realise now that this is a fabulous habit for any business woman, not only to keep her motivated, but to enjoy a fuller life.

About Tara Lock

Tara Lock is a mother of three who fought the battle with cancer and won. Lock founded Chilly Towel whilst undergoing chemotherapy treatment and brought the instant cooling towel to life in 2015.

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