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7 top strategies to grow your instagram followers and engagement


Instagram has increasingly become an important customer engagement and marketing tool for businesses.

Choosing to increase your Instagram followers and engagement is a trusted way to get your business out there. More people on this platform increasingly follow top brands.

As a matter of fact, most social media platforms, especially Instagram, now record higher engagement and millions of monthly users. This has seen the growing role of social media influencers and a host of other online marketing strategies.

In this post, you will find the 7 best strategies to grow your Instagram followers and engagement. All research tips are provided by the Instagrowing platform. Not only would your follower’s number skyrocket but you would also discover better ways to engage your audience.

How to Grow Your Instagram Followers and Engagement

1. Publish user-generated content

Brands that focus on telling the stories of other web users experience increase their following.

Publishing user-generated content allows you to recognize other people or platforms while sharing their stories with a larger audience.

Additionally, this strategy, when supported by the right hashtags, gives you rich content which other Instagram users will be happy to read.

2. Time your posts

Every social media platform has their unique algorithm. The Instagram algorithm cares about when you post your content. When you time your posts to come up when your followers are most active, your engagement levels will improve. Use the Instagram Insights to find out the information you need and consistently post at this time.

3. Respond to comments

When you publish posts and people comment on them, it’s only right to respond to the comments. By responding to comments, you show that you value your fans’ contributions. Besides, replying to comments on your posts would increase the chances of your posts being seen by more people. Or you can also do this using the best Instagram growth service.

The trick: more engagement, more views, more followers, more sales!

4. Leverage videos and instagram stories

Another way to increase your Instagram followers and engagement is through videos. Instagram Stories and live video sharing has made it easier for brands to get noticed.

Internet users have become more interested in videos than images or texts. Hence, your brand should consider sharing videos and live videos which can make it to the top of the Stories feed.

5. Share your posts on other social media platforms

It’s not enough to post on Instagram alone. When you share your posts on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, the posts receive more engagement and drive viewers to your brand.

In addition, sharing Instagram videos and photos on these platforms makes you visible to more people and gets potential customers interested in your products or services.

6. Analyze your data

Analytics go a long way in defining what works and what doesn’t. When you get busy with publishing posts and sharing content, you’d want to know the posts which followers engage with.

Through Instagram Insights, you can find the data through comments or impressions and within specific periods.

Analyzing the trends you observe enables you to find out what followers find most interesting. Again, it would reflect the data of people who aren’t following you and present the possibility of them becoming followers.

No question, getting the hang of what works for you is a big way to increase your Instagram followers and engagement.

7. Post regularly

Consistency is key both in life and on Instagram. Isn’t it interesting to note that the smallest secret is the biggest tool?

Posting regularly on Instagram (and on many other social media networks) is the best way to grow your brand followers and engagement.

How does this work?

Studies have shown that the more frequently you post on Instagram, the more your posts get noticed by Instagram’s algorithm.

For more followers, increase your posts to at least once a day and at least 6 posts per week.

Additional growth strategy

One idea that remains central to Instagram is hashtags. The right hashtags connects you with your targeted audience.

Moreover, combining different types of hashtags (location, experience) brings more followers and more engagement with your images.

The bottom line

We’ve discussed 7 (plus one big) ways to increase your Instagram followers and engagement. Have you tried any of these tips? Which of them has brought you the most results? Are there other strategies you’d like to share with other brands?

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