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7 Trademarks of an effective hustler


Beyonce says ‘diva’ is the new word for a female hustler, but I believe women were the original hustlers. You see memes and quotes galore all over the internet on ‘hustle this’ or ‘hustle that’ but EXACTLY what does it mean to hustle?

Based on the dictionary the official definition of hustle is: ‘Push roughly, jostle or to obtain by forceful action, a fraud or swindle’ … those are all quite perjorative interpretations, aren’t they?

But the other dictionary definition of hustle is ‘a state of great activity’… that’s the one we are focusing on, and it can be extremely powerful if applied in the right way. First let’s dispel the misconceptions of what true hustle ISN’T.

Hustling is not:

  • Lying, cheating or stealing your way to success
  • Copying someone else’s idea, vision, plans or content
  • Talking a lot of BS without an ounce of experience or qualifications to back it up
  • Being rude, insulting or aggressive about others

Now to talk about the real hustle.

I think hustling was born and bred in the aspirant working and middle class — where if you did not get up, get out and get on with it, you would eventually come home to nothing. When you have no other choice, that is when the REAL hustle spirit kicks in.

To hustle is to persevere. It is a word to depict a woman who is relentless and persistent in the pursuit of her passion, dream — and rewards.

Here is a checklist on the characteristics of a true hustler

  1. You must be irrepressible.

That is, no matter how many times you are pushed down, run over, betrayed or failed, you get back up. Every. Single. Time. You may lay there to take a few breaths or have a rest but you ALWAYS get back up, dust yourself off and move forward.

  1. Hustlers help others.

Yes, that is correct. This does not mean you share your vision or strategies with other people but that you help others when you see they need it. A hustler won’t spruik the help they give, either. It is done because of who they are, not because of what they can gain.

  1. Read people.

A hustler can tell the difference from someone in genuine need and someone who is out to get what they can, when they can, at all costs. This requires intuition. We have that inbuilt in us ladies, but the hustlers know how to fine tune it so well that sirens go off when we’re in danger.

  1. They have high EQ.

Hustlers can read a room strategically and empathetically in order to adapt accordingly. In order to do this effectively you must be very aware of other people’s emotions and expectations, so a true hustler has a high EQ (emotional intelligence).

  1. Hard working

Hustlers know how to work hard and they RARELY ever complain about the work required to get shit done. When they are asked to do something they don’t bitch and moan. They either delegate it or they do it.

  1. They say NO

Not many people know how to say no. A hustler does. They are very strategic about what they agree to and are very firm when they choose to decline an opportunity or invitation. And a hustler doesn’t care is people are put off by that.

  1. They finish the race

The world is flooded with people who make a lot of announcements, and start a lot of journeys – but only a handful actually finish the race.

A true hustler is in it for the long term. They are endurance athletes in the business community. Often you won’t even know they exist until 10 years after they have started. You know that saying “it takes 10 years to be an overnight success?” That is a true description of a hustler. Not 10 minutes on Instagram (insert face palm emoji here).

So check yourself off against the list, and strengthen your hustle skills. While others are sitting back or falling behind, get out there and hustle your way to success!

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