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8 clever office design ideas to increase productivity in a new workspace


Opening an office space for your business is exciting, but it’s more complicated than just signing a lease. Office design is crucial and business owners must think about what will make their office a welcoming place so everyone feels comfortable spending their weeks at their desks or walking through the halls. This guide explains office design ideas that will help to establish a new company workplace that won’t hinder anyone’s productivity or energy by distracting them from excelling in their roles.

Office design ideas to increase productivity

1. Give Everyone Space

Feeling cramped makes anyone miserable. It happens in small cars, tiny apartments, and workspaces that don’t embrace open floor plans. As you learn how to set up a new office, plan to utilize desks with dividing walls. Everyone can look over them to chat with their neighbor if they need a quick break or help with a task.

The open space above each dividing partition will emphasize easy communication and make the office appear bigger by limiting floor-to-ceiling walls. Feeling boxed into cubicles is a significant reason why employees get tired of traditional office jobs, but management teams can avoid that by designing layouts that maximize space.

2. Make the Office Warm

Office spaces often come with beige or white walls because they’re easy to work into any interior design plan, but they could work against your team. Paint color influences specific physiological reactions like straining eyesight or increasing blood pressure. Soothing colors like soft blues, warmer whites, and pastel shades will make your office space easier to work in.

Management teams can also give their space life before anyone walks through the front door. Adding plants is one of the new workplace setup tips that people overlook because it’s so simple, but they’re powerful decor additions. Look into faux arrangements that fit into tall corners, on tabletops, and even on desks to add a casual feel to your office environment.

3. Reinforce Your Company Culture

Injecting your company’s culture into the office is a great way to figure out how to establish a new company workspace. Create posters with your business mottos and core values. When they hang in common areas like conference rooms, kitchen spaces, and hallways, everyone will get a daily reminder of why they were passionate to join the team and do what they do.

On-brand artwork also adds additional aesthetic layers because it personalizes the office. The branded elements and slogans pull everyone together by visually bonding the office space and design with your team’s core motivations.

4. Create Additional Work Spaces

Employees feel trapped at their desks if they have nowhere to work besides their cubicles. While establishing a new workspace, create additional places for people to meet or work on their laptops. Adding extra tables to the kitchen or nooks with cornered couches allows everyone to step away from their desk during the day. Ultimately, gaining the freedom to choose where they work makes everyone happier to clock in.

5. Add More Functionality

Technology can add more functionality to any workspace. If you’re wondering how to set up a new office, installing tech like motion detector lights and smart thermostats is a great place to start. They require less attention from your team so everyone can focus on their work. The tech will also use the latest advancements to keep everyone comfortable in every corner of the office.

6. Install Extra Amenities

Every list of new workplace setup tips should include adding extra amenities. Management could place mini-fridges in conference rooms and stock them with water bottles for daily convenience. A second coffee machine is beneficial for employees who work across a large office and need additional time to reach the kitchen. Thoughtful additions like these put your team’s well-being first and make them feel valued every time they walk through the door.

7. Head Outdoors for Fresh Air

If your office space has access to a grassy yard or balcony, add some patio furniture. People can go outside to eat lunch or take a phone call. Research shows that going outside reduces stress, which will significantly improve everyone’s time at work. Even if they can’t use the furniture all year round because it gets too cold or too hot, it’s great to offer a break from the fluorescent lighting and desk clumps.

8. Ensure Everyone’s Comfort

New workspaces are only worth the time and investment if your team enjoys being there. Outdated, uncomfortable furniture will make everyone on edge while they sit through meetings or take breaks. Browse potential furniture choices to ensure they aren’t too stiff or too soft.

Desks, couches, and chairs should support everyone’s posture and make them comfortable even after they’ve spent hours on a project or in a conference room.


Whether your team needs to move into a new location or you want to upgrade your office, these office design ideas for establishing a new workspace will help you reach your goals. Make the office comfortable, functional, and welcoming to create the best environment for productivity and team bonding opportunities.

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