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8 ways to earn a second income in your spare time


Search engines are swamped these day by ads claiming to make you huge amounts of money an hour online, only for you to click through to a virus infested website or a young man telling you through the medium of video to follow in his footsteps for a small fee, and the world’s riches will be yours.

Hopefully, you haven’t fallen foul of one of these cheap money grabbing tricks, but they snare an unprecedented amount of people each year, four million, in fact. Luckily, there are many ways you can make a secondary, and in some cases even a primary income using alternate ways. These can especially help when you’re running low on funds.  First you need to assess your skills and think about what you can offer. However, you shouldn’t worry about this too much, because skills can develop over time.

Rent out

If you live in a large house, with many spare rooms, one of the first ways to make money without sacrificing too much time is renting out one of your rooms to a lodger. You can even do this short term for a quick fix boost to your income. There are some great ways for finding potential lodgers, just remember to set the ground rules first, and establish payment upfront.


Beyond renting your room, you can potentially teach. If you have a degree or a skill set, you can teach it to people in your area who are willing to learn. A language is a great example, you can teach it in the evenings or at more convenient times, the only draw backi s having to invest time into it to suit the other individual, however the pay will reflect this.


If you have an arty streak then perhaps you can monetise your hobbies. If you can paint, or craft, you can sell these through an online store like Ebay. The benefit of this is that your products will be wholly unique, and if word gets out concerning your rafts you could be creating more and more, just try not to get ahead of yourself and over commit, because you don’t want to end up being snowed under with promised craft and painting work.


Sticking with the online theme, if you have a flair for writing you can work freelance. Finding work can sometimes be hard, but it is out there is you look hard enough. If you don’t fancy working for someone else and feel like you have something unique to say, you could potentially start your own blog website, it’s not as hard as you probably think. If it becomes successful you could potentially make money from companies who wish to advertise through your website. There are many ways of making money through advertising, and anad network can make sure your advertising gets seen by your browsers, as each click through can mean money for you. You need to create compelling content to ensure you really draw people in, try to do something different and you’ll gain a following.


As well as writing you can also proofread, there are many students out there who will pay for proofreading services, there are also companies who will hire you as proofreaders, this stops you having to find work yourself but then they will take a cut of your earnings. If you like to read books then you can also offer to beta read. This is when you read a prospective author’s works for a fee. It’s a great way to make some money on the side doing something you love. You need to have a great grasp of grammar and ensure you can spot inconsistencies in the plot or formation of the story. Authors may sometimes ask you for specific feedback such as characterisation, so make sure you follow their instructions, if you do well they’ll recommend you to their friends and perhaps give you repeat service. Money can also be made by offering your services to transcribe, many companies wish to transcribe audio into written format, some companies can pay decent money for your services in this, find one here. They also offer options for captioning too, so you can vary your work load.


There is also a great way of making money by taking online surveys, swagbucks offers some of the best paid surveys, and you can also watch videos for cash too. Some companies are eager to hear your opinions and will pay to get it.


If you’re a hoarder, with stacks and stacks of items in the loft or garage, then perhaps it’s time to sell off some of your stuff. You’d be surprised how much you can make by selling old musical equipment, one man’s trash is another’s treasure, you can make a decent amount of cash whilst also managing to clear out spaces in your home. If you find a particular penchant for selling your items then perhaps you can get into the buying and selling game. Buying certain items, refurbishing or fixing them before selling them on at a profit can be quite a lucrative side earner. You may need certain skills to repair particular items, but some just need you to invest some time polishing.


Many people enjoy gardening, if you’re one of them, why not offer your services in your local community. Again, you can make some money doing what you enjoy, and it really is up to you what you offer. You could simply cut people’s grass, plant flowers and plants, or alternately offer a landscape service which could turn into a full time job.

Whatever you decide to do, remember to offer great service, this way, you’ll be thought of well and people will continue to work with you. If someone doesn’t like a product or a service offer them a full or partial refund, if they badmouth you you’ll find it hard to work again, at least in the same sphere. Remember, you need to strike a balance and keep in mind it’s only a secondary income, don’t overwork yourself or it could lead to depression or adversely affect your main job.

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