8 ways to keep employees engaged during the lead-up to the holidays


The holiday season can get busy. Annoyingly busy. Frustrating even.

From Christmas parties to kids’ school plays to finishing all your work before the office closes, everything can feel like it is piling on top of each other and will never end. And that’s probably just the employee’s point of view.

But through all of the mania of the lead-up to the holiday period, a big problem for employers is also not engaging their employees within the workplace. Fortunately, there are things you can do to combat this.

Set challenging goals

Setting employees challenging goals will give them something to aim for and help keep their minds focused during the pre-Christmas period.

You can do this by setting up friendly competitions between them, offering an incentive at the end to encourage them to do well and achieve.

Encourage time off

Encouraging your employees to take time off will help them focus on finishing their work before they go on holiday and relax when they do.

This will let them return to work rejuvenated and ready to work harder than ever—which will a long way to engaging them more during the holiday period.

Recognize and reward

Recognizing and rewarding employees who do well tells them their hard work has been noticed, appreciated, and encourages them to stay engaged with their work and keep doing well— no matter what time of the year it is.

Work-life balance

Offering employees an appropriate work-life balance will increase their engagement with work and will help them feel less stressed and overwhelmed about everything they have going on during the holiday period.

Offer employees a range of opportunities

Offering employees a range of opportunities to grow and climb the ladder at work will keep them engage during the holiday period and show that you’re willing to invest in them.

You can do this by giving them opportunities to show off their skill set, work at a higher level, and up-skill themselves in the workplace and throughout their career.

Have a fun company party

Keeping up morale within the workplace by having an office Christmas party can be a great way to engage employees during the holiday period.

Doing this will give them an opportunity to relax, not think about work, and will let them know that the office has closed for this period.

Don’t overwork your staff

Not overworking your staff is a great way to engage them during the holiday period.

This will make everything less stressful for them and tells them they won’t have to work around the clock to get everything done before the office closes for this period.

Let your employees show holiday cheer and put up some festive decorations

Letting employees put up decorations will help you engage them during the holiday period, as they will be able to get into the spirit of things and show holiday cheer.

Doing this will also encourage them to finish their work in a more timely, efficient manner—further allowing them to enjoy the holidays without worrying about any they haven’t finished.

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