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9 great ways to use social media to market your business


Social media provides a host of different ways to promote your business. You can reach a huge customer base regardless of your location and generate sales that you may not otherwise be able to secure. It can also reduce your business costs, making it even more appealing. Here are 9 great ways to use social media to market your business.

Ask followers to share posts

If you already have a good client base or many followers across social media, getting them involved is a great way to market your business. If you are doing a special promotion or launching a new product, for example, ask your fan base to share your posts. It can lead to more followers and hopefully generate more sales.

Create good content

Good content is a must. Think about the message you want to get across to your audience and spend time putting together photography and video posts. If you need some help, go online and find tips about the best way to photograph your products. With a nice background and some good lighting, you should be able to master it fairly quickly. If you aren’t confident enough to put together a video yourself, use Facebook or Instagram video maker websites to make things easier.

Plan your content

Having a marketing strategy that is well planned can make the world of difference to the success of your business. Spend a bit of time planning what and when you will post and try to make sure you don’t go long periods with no communication. Regular interaction is a must, so plan things well in advance, and you could reap the benefits.

Ask existing customers to get involved

Asking existing customers to post photographs of your products and tag your business is another great way to let people know you exist. Seeing your products in other people’s homes or used in different ways can create interest that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

Review ratings

Many people prefer buying from businesses that have good social media reviews. Facebook allows customers to leave you a rating and give a brief description of their experience. If you can obtain high ratings then it will instill peace of mind in new clients that the service they are going to receive will be top-notch.

Engage with your followers

Engaging with your followers will get your page seen by more people. The likes of Facebook uses algorithms which means that ‘likes’ become dead after a while if there has been no interaction. This results in these people not being notified when you post. Now and again, deviate from your usual posts and ask your followers questions or run a competition where they must state that they have liked and shared your post to be entered. Consider using additional marketing channels with a help of pre-made facebook accounts that you can find on marketplaces like Accsmarket. Two-way interaction is a really important part of social media.

Sponsored advertising

Whilst it does come at a price, sponsored advertising is a good way to market your business. From age to location, you can choose who you want to target and your ads will be aimed towards them. It’s a really good way to increase your reach and find new followers and customers. It’s a good idea to target existing customers once in a while too and remind them about your business.

Analyze the data

Data analysis is a huge part of any business. The same way as you would your website, analyze what has worked and what perhaps hasn’t been as successful. Social media analytics can give you some extremely important feedback about your audience. This will allow you to refocus on future marketing strategies as well as repeating methods of advertising that has worked well for you in the past. There is no point in spending a fortune advertising on social media if it’s not increasing your revenue, but it is important to try things a few times before giving up. One attempt isn’t going to give you the statistics you need to figure out if it’s beneficial.

Link your online shop or website

Many platforms such as Facebook offer the tools to add external links to the “Shop now” facility. This can make customers far more likely to purchase if products are advertised with prices. A recent poll suggested that social media customers are more likely to buy if they don’t have to ask how much things cost. Make the information available from the outset and it could increase your customer base and generate additional sales.

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Peta McGrath is an accomplished marketing and career advisor, specialising in helping women develop their best possible strategies for career and business advancement.

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