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Are you an accident waiting to happen in the workplace?


Due to strict health and safety laws, the workplace is generally a safe place to be. In fact, most accidents happen in the home rather than elsewhere, However, it’s not completely foolproof- while your employer has an obligation to ensure your health and safety is taken care of, there are things you need to do too. The following things are something both you and your employer should be keeping in mind when it comes to avoiding accidents and injuries at work.

You haven’t been given the right training

Maybe your workplace has a high turnover rate, and employees are constantly coming in and out. Maybe you slipped through the net somehow when it came to training, or you may have even lied on your CV telling your employer that you’re more experienced at some things than you are. Either way, being on the job without the right training is always going to be bad news. If you’re working at heights such as on an electric scissor lift or scaffolding, do you know the correct procedures for staying safe? If you’re working with chemicals or machinery, do you know how to avoid accidents, and what to do in an emergency? Trying to guess or work your way through anything you’re unsure of means you’re an accident waiting to happen. Make sure you get someone to show you the ropes properly.

You don’t have the right equipment

Are old chairs and desks giving you back pain and causing muscle strains? Do dim, or overly harsh bulbs trigger migraines? If so, it could be worth speaking to your employer regarding an upgrade. If you work a job which requires special equipment, this should be regularly maintained to make sure everything is running smoothly and prevent accidents and injury. You should be wearing the right protective equipment for certain jobs, which could include eye and ear protectors, steel toe cap boots, head gear and high visibility outerwear. Find out exactly what PPE your job requires, and make sure you’re wearing it every time.

You’re sloppy with your work

Let’s face it, none of us are perfect. Even the best employees can have their off days, but if you’re working a job that involves a lot of risks you have to be so careful. Coming into work exhausted, after a night of drinking alcohol or worse- under the influence can put you and others in serious danger. None of us want to feel like work rules our entire lives, but you need to make sure you’re in the right frame of mind when you attend. You should be well rested, not under the influence of any chemicals that could alter your performance and be able to concentrate properly. If you care for vulnerable people, operate machines or drive as part of your work, this is even more important.

Have you ever been injured at work, due to either your mistake or something your employer did wrong? What risks are most common in your line of work?

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