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How to ace your next trade show


It does not matter what type of business you run, trade shows and industry events give you the perfect opportunity to get your brand out there and make important contacts. However, this is only going to be the case if you take advantage of these opportunities.

With many businesses featuring at these events, you need to do everything in your power to stand out for the right reasons. With that in mind, read on to discover some useful tips on acing your next trade show or exhibition event.

The benefits of exhibiting at a trade show

Before we take a look at the different ways you can ace a trade show, let’s take a look at the benefits of attending atrade event 2018. Trade shows give you the perfect opportunity to optimise your lead and sales generation strategy, as well as speaking directly to your target market, and rapidly expanding your database of sales leads. You will also learn what your competitors are doing right so that you can adapt this and use it to your advantage. Trade shows also give you the chance to establish or strengthen your brand, close deals with new customers during the show, meet new companies that can help your business, and learn about new developments in your industry. You will also strengthen your bond with existing customers and, of course, you will meet and connect with prospective customers, which is the main aim for most companies and organisations in attendance.

How to ace your next trade show

It is not hard to see why trade shows are a big deal for businesses all over the world and across all industries. They present exceptional opportunities for companies to take their brand to the next level. However, as mentioned in the introduction, this is only going to be the case if you take full advantage of this opportunity that has been given to you. How do you do that? Here are some suggestions that will help you out…

  • Promotional products – There is only one place to begin, and this is with promotional products. Branded gifts are a staple of trade shows, but you need to make sure you choose your items with care. Bags are always a good option because they give you the opportunity to advertise your company to everyone in attendance, as attendees will place their other promotional gifts inside of here. You simply need to make sure your bag is bigger and better than any others. Other popular promotional products at trade shows include folders, binders, notepads, badge holders, mugs, cups, electronics gadgets, like USBs, and pens.
  • Reach out on social media – If you are attending a trade show, it is important to have a social media marketing plan in place. This is one that strategies how you are going to engage with your followers to let them know about the trade event, but it should also include information on how you are going to use social media to engage with people that check in at the event. When you invite people to your booth, you should provide them with a special incentive through social channels.
  • Show your expertise by offering something valuable – Another tip for anyone attending a trade show is to show off your expertise by giving people something valuable that will establish you as a leader in your industry. This could be a white paper on newest industry trends, top ten lists of products, or the state of the industry, for example.
  • Offer snacks and drinks – Another way to ensure that plenty of people flock to your booth is to offer snacks and drinks. After all, attendees are going to be doing a lot of walking around, and so refreshments will be welcome. Make sure the snacks and drinks you offer are in line with the theme of your stall or your company’s culture. Everything you do at a trade show must be considered with your brand in mind.
  • Promotions and contests – In addition to the suggestion that have already been presented, you can also make sure that you stand out with contents, prize drawing, and special promotions. This is a sure-fire way to attract more people to your booth.
  • Make sure your booth is approachable – You do not need us to tell you that your booth should represent your brand and stand out from the crowd. However, it is also important to make sure that your booth is approachable. The design of the booth ad your employees on attendance need to make people feel welcome and at ease.
  • Location, location, location – Last but not least, there is no denying that the location of your booth plays a critical role when you are attending a trade show. At most events, you will be offered a prime location booth, although it will come at an extra cost. This is something you will need to look into early if you are interested because these spots do get snapped up very quickly. If you can afford a prime position, it is definitely worth it.

Hopefully, you now feel more prepared for your next trade show. If you follow the advice that has been provided above, you can make sure that you make a great impression at the trade show you are attending. You can also build up your contact book, as you never know what opportunities will come from this. It is all about through planning and finding ways to distinguish yourself from the competition. Good luck!

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