How to achieve and use the ‘Champion Mindset’


Do you sometimes wonder what it takes to have a champion mindset and to achieve champion results? Does it feel out of your range and even more difficult to incorporate into your already busy life? Can you understand what a “champion mindset” can do for you? It is possible to get your footing in a place to conquer anything – a place where you can live out an amazing mentality. One where you can receive and be happy in all respects. Adopting such a mindset, that brings our dreams to life, is easier than we may think. Here are the steps to live out a champion mindset.

You first need to become very aware of yourself

Self-awareness is one of the first components of emotional intelligence. Having high emotional intelligence helps you navigate the best ways forward in interactions with colleagues, family and friends, and with your own decision making. By making good decisions you will also save yourself time. Time saved in not making wrong decisions. Champions get more done with their time. And this is one reason why. To become more self-aware, and with it gain emotional intelligence, try meditating, mindfulness and yoga. There is nothing more important — as the more subtle your awareness the more sophisticated your life will be.

Become aware of your beliefs and align them with your goals

These days we’re moving into the quantum field where you’ve got to believe it to see it, rather than the old way of thinking the other way around.

First, become conscious of your beliefs. This ties in with self-awareness. As the more you tune into yourself, the more you hear your own deep inner-talk and how it shapes your beliefs (that either help or hinder you). It’s then that you can consciously redirect that inner talk into thoughts, words and beliefs that help you achieve your goals and dreams, rather than oppose them.

Daily consciousness practices keep you in peak performance and in your champion mindset

Practices such as: gratitudes, meditation, exercising, and asking yourself that important question, “What one thing can I do today, that will make a massive difference to my life?”

We are creatures of habit. So, make these practices — habits!

For example, this is my morning routine: I meditate, I do yoga, I go on my walk – meanwhile I do my ‘I am statements’ (who I declare myself to be), I do my gratitudes, then my affirmations, and I always ask myself, “What one decision or action can I do today, that will massively improve my life?” I love asking my deepest self, my essence, “How can my life get any better?” Because your subconscious will always try and answer it with a better way forward.

Also regularly ask yourself these questions,

-“Is this the best use of my time right now?”

-“Is this bringing me joy?”

-“Is this where my expertise lies?”

-“Is this what will drive my business forward?”

These questions take only effortless moments. But can make a world of difference.

It’s also key to note when your “champion mindset” is sliding. Again, this is about awareness. What I like to do is to give myself a “happiness/contentment score” every morning. It’s a way of checking in with myself. More than being about happiness and contentment, it’s about noticing when you are slightly unhappy.

When I wake up, I often score myself 115-147 out of 100. That’s me though – I am a super positive person. So, when I give myself a score of 97/100 it means I am going to be asking myself some serious questions.

For you it might not be a score, it might just be a feeling of happiness that you think you could either improve on or not.

To gather my score, I first go over a mental list of things that make me feel good like:

  • Have I eaten healthy food?
  • Have I slept well, and did I wake feeling refreshed?
  • Have I done my meditation and yoga?
  • Have I engaged in activities that fill my soul?
  • Have I had meaningful interactions with people?
  • Have I felt gratitude and joy during the day?

Doing these things will ensure I don’t slide way down that “happiness scale” and then wonder how I ended up feeling so bad.

The more you answer “yes” to these questions, the more you are actioning a champion mindset. And you are also adding to your self-awareness and self-confidence by being on the right track to your purpose and dreams.

Unlock and transform any self-limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs are often deeply imprinted from our childhood. One way to gain awareness of them is when you’re trying to do something and it doesn’t happen, such as something to do with your career or a relationship. You might need a coach, a counselor, more awareness, or you might need to listen to your self-talk. There might be many things you need to look at, but once you pinpoint that self-limiting belief and you transform it, on a cognitive and behavioral level, you are free!

If there is anything that’s restricting you, if there is any resistance at all, that is the place you need to dive into

Because that’s the place of the greatest growth. Use many tools to break through resistance, to catapult your results. Again, this ties into growing in self-awareness. Some tools to get through this are sub-conscious practices, meditation and quantum physics. There are hundreds of tools. But the more you can work with someone who has a massive tool bag and creates custom built learning for you, to transform your subconscious beliefs, the more you will transform your life. But in the meantime, start with doing some courses on awareness and meditation, read Echhart Tolle’s books, and become aware of how you talk to yourself. Remember to only speak and think that which you choose to have come into reality – now and always.

Regularly action The One Percent Rule. Tiny improvements daily

This is the Japanese principle of Kaizen. “Kai” means change and “zen” means make good or make better. It’s the science of constant and never-ending improvement (CANI). It’s the idea that nothing is ever finished or declared perfect. There is always room for improvement. Afterall, small incremental improvements over time all add up.

Ask yourself, how can I improve what I’m doing by one percent? John Wooden, who’s considered the greatest NCAA basketball head coach of all time, got his players to do this, and they won most of their championships!

For example, just do one more push up, do your five minutes of meditation a day, listen to audio books in the car (no effort). If the dream seems overwhelmingly big, chunk it down to five minutes a day. It removes the drama. Then start to see the transformations in your life.

Raise your bar to huge heights!

We are far more powerful than we can ever imagine. We often set the bar so low so that we achieve it — rather than reaching for something that is perceived as big when in fact it is just a goal made up of small steps.

Visualize your goals

Take the time to visualize your goals. Sit down in a comfortable place where you won’t be interrupted. Close your eyes and play out in your mind the story of you achieving your big goals. Of you being your champion self. Take the time to play it out from where you are now, right through till the end. Ensure you feel all the wonderful emotions associated with achieving those goals. Really believe it as being true. Those emotions fuel it and that’s when things start to move. It will translate into you planning and taking action on the next step forward. It’s only ever one step at a time. Sit in this visualization as many times as you need, and each day track the actions you are taking to bring it to life.

Follow the ‘Act As If’ principle as laid out in Jack Canfield’s book, The Success Principles:

“One of the great strategies for success is to act as if you already are where you want to be. This means thinking like, talking like, dressing like, acting like, and feeling like a person who has already achieved your goal. ‘Acting As If’ sends powerful commands to your subconscious mind to find creative ways to achieve your goals. It programs the reticular activating system (RAS) in your brain to start noticing anything that will help you succeed, and it sends strong messages to the universe that this end goal is something you really want.”

So, take these actions five days a week and always allow yourself downtime on your days off.

Once you understand how to activate and use your champion mindset, anything else will feel sub-standard and will simply not bring you the joy that you know you deserve.

About Rhiannon Rees

Rhiannon Rees is a human behavior expert and international high-performance coach helping CEOs, businesses, elite athletes, coaches and celebrities to redefine their level of success. Rhiannon is a best-selling author, thriving entrepreneur and a global speaker, whose personal sufferings led her to search for answers and into a 30-year study of human behavior. Compelled to help others, she has continued to invest in education in the fields of self-development, neuroscience and business. Rhiannon is founder of the Conscious Coaching Collective and has demonstrated success in creating champions. An accomplished expert in her field, Rhiannon was awarded Global Visionary of the Year 2021 by IAOTP. Follow Rhiannon.

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