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AI and machine learning are reaching the real world


Artificial intelligence and machine learning are two of the hottest buzzwords in the tech world right now. Many analysts are projecting AI to become a multi-trillion dollar industry over the next few decades. This estimate doesn’t seem outrageous when you consider the myriad potential applications of AI and machine learning. These innovative fields are already leaving their mark on the world. Here are a few prime examples of how AI and machine learning are already playing a role in the real world.

Virtual assistants

You’ve likely used Siri or Alexa at some point over the past few years. If you’re using these virtual assistants regularly, maybe you notice as they continually improve. This isn’t your imagination. Virtual assistants are getting better because they utilize machine learning in order to get better at voice recognition. These improvements will soon allow for virtual assistants to be integrated in all facets of life.

Business intelligence

For years, even after moving onto computers, BI was a clunky process that required massive capital investment and data teams. AI in analytics is changing that.

Artificial intelligence is making BI data analytics accessible to more people than ever before. Tools such as relational search, which functions like a Google search for business insights, utilize AI to instantly integrate data and search terms.

AI music

You probably think the arts are at least safe from the oncoming wave of AI implementation, right? Not so fast! AI is currently being used to create composite songs based on past arrangements. Since AI can process and synthesize massive amounts of information, it can create original work based on music and speech patterns inputted into its database.

Online security

We’ve all heard about some of the data breaches that have occurred at major corporations over the past few years. These have led to the release of troves of personal consumer information. AI is now being employed to hopefully lower the chances of this happening in the future. Since AI is capable of learning faster than humans, it can identify, and find remedies for, malicious threats faster than you or I.


It’s unlikely we’ll see a repeat of the past financial crisis if AI becomes the dominant method for determining credit worthiness. It’s difficult for even the most skilled and experienced mortgage brokers to determine the likelihood of a customer repaying a loan. There are just too many variables for this to be done with absolute accuracy. AI, however, can look at a person’s data much more holistically, and compute the odds of repayment at various interest rates.

Disease detection

There’s a huge demand for skilled medical professionals, such as radiologists, because there is a massive quantity of scans and x-rays taken all the time. AI is learning how to assist doctors with their big patient load. Certain programs can now be used to help identify certain kinds of abnormalities on body scans. This will ultimately benefit doctors and patients, as lowering the workload will lead to fewer mistakes.

Autonomous vehicles

There has been a whole lot of talk about the end of driving as we know it. Yes, self-driving cars are well into their development. In 2017, Google’s self-driving car project, Waymo, released its first totally driverless cars onto the public streets. No one needs to sit in the driver’s seat. The immense calculations required for such a feat can be attributed to predictive technologies developed through AI. And this solution can’t come too soon. On Waymo’s website, they mention that in 2014 there were 1.25 million deaths worldwide due to automotive accidents. With perfected self-driving cars, that number could become essentially negligible. Self-driving cars do have their own legal challenges, but the potential to curb deaths from traffic accidents is certainly worth the effort.

It would be silly to deny the potential benefits of adopting AI and machine learning into our daily lives. These are just a few of the prominent ways these technologies are going to shape the world.

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