Amber Sherlock was right, even when she was wrong


Newsreader Amber Sherlock from Australia’s Channel 9 has gone globally viral, but for all the wrong reasons. She found herself plastered all over the internet after a rant at a fellow newsreader who wore the same colour outfit.

Yes, it was one of those days that everyone seemed to turn up with the same ‘look’. And while this might just be an awkward thing at a party, on TV it’s more of a concern. Any wardrobe department will tell you this makes for a visually boring screen. And let’s face it, when it comes to the issue of boring, some of these shows need all the help they can muster – visual and otherwise.

So while the world hates on Sherlock for publicly humiliating Julie Snook, if you listen carefully you’ll understand why she’s pissed off. Sherlock notified Snook 2.5 hours earlier that she would need to change her top or wear a jacket because they can’t all be wearing white on camera.

But not only was the other presenter aware of the fact they were all in white and needed to change, the camera was rolling and filmed it all… it’s common for the cameras to be active in the lead-up to, and in-between, segments.

But was Sherlock sabotaged? Who leaked this video, and was it to expose Amber in the undermining sense?

Or was it perhaps to expose her in the publicity sense? After all, until yesterday, 99% of Australia – let alone the rest of the world – would probably have said “Amber who?”

Whether or not you agree with how Amber responds (personally I would have ignored it, made a joke on air about it maybe and moved on) but the bigger issue here is that if this was a leak meant to undermine Sherlock, it’s a reminder that all too often you can’t trust some of the people you work with… it’s just a matter of trying to work out which ones they are.

So what does a woman do if she finds herself in a similar situation? Where you are in a studio and a rant starts (or you feel the need to start one).

  • Firstly don’t trust the cameras or recorders to be off! Someone could be filming you and everything you say — even if you think of them as your friend
  • Always be prepared for sabotage.
  • Grin and bear it. Just keep your mouth shut and roll with it
  • If you become a viral sensation, make sure you don’t escalate it by complaining. Either remain silent or be witty or self-deprecating in your response.
  • Apologise to anyone you’ve offended. Privately.
  • Get on with the job. People forget things pretty quickly, so just get on with the job with a fresh new understanding that you can’t trust anyone.

Just like on radio, be careful what you say as someone is ALWAYS listening or in this case, recording. 

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