Iyia Liu

Iyia Liu is currently 23 years old and the founder and director of LUXE Fitness and Waist Trainer NZ Aus. As the owner of two hugely successful businesses at such a young age, Iyia has proven her worth as a savvy young business woman, managing to transform a small personal investment into a health and fitness empire. Initiating her business ventures with Waist Trainer NZ Aus in April 2015, at the age of only 21, Iyia grew the company to $3.5 million NZ in turnover during its first year, all from an initial personal investment of $6,000NZ. Now selling to more than 90 countries globally, and with a wave of celebrities that love and endorse her product, including Kylie Jenner, Iyia surpassed even her own expectations. Always looking to achieve greater success in business, a year after launching Waist Trainer NZ Aus Iyia had the idea for her next business, LUXE Fitness. Recently launched in May 2016, the brand has quickly developed a global presence in the health and fitness industry, providing customers with top quality and effective products that are helping them achieve their goals. Quickly amassing a following of over 100k followers on Instagram and thanks to Iyia’s ability to understand the needs and desires of her customer base, LUXE Fitness has quickly developed a huge demand for its products, with over 2,000 sales of protein powder alone each month. Now employing four people to work across both brands, Iyia hopes to continue developing each company and achieving ongoing business success.