Petra Zink

Petra Zink is a Marketer who does Recruitment. She specializes in building Personal Brands with impaCCCt and works with many (quiet) high performers onCLARIFYING what makes them unique and stand out COMMUNICATING their value confidently to the ones who matter CAPITALISING on their strengths with ease.Petra spent 10 years in Brand and Product Marketing in the FMCG Industry before entering Recruitment, specializing in Digital. Over the last 3.5 years, she has worked with nearly 200 professionals on identifying their unique selling proposition by knowing and owning their ‘genius zone’.Petra works with leaders (to be) on how they can make an impact on the ones crucial to their own success and progression without having to be loud.She works with companies and executive teams on leadership coaching and is a strong believer of ‘your career / business is an extension of your DNA’. If you are aware who you are and why it is important, people will follow and believe in it. Without vision, a leader is lost. Without a leader, the team is lost.Get social and follow Petra and impaCCCt on | @impaccctful | @petra_zink