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How the automotive sector can empower female entrepreneurs


How can we empower aspiring female business leaders? It’s a common question – especially within the automotive industry. Government data collected last year revealed a worrying statistic. The review highlighted that the number of male entrepreneurs is double that of women that run their own companies.

Luckily, car manufacturers around the world have already pledged to combat this issue. Just how can the sector members empower female entrepreneurs, though?

This guide explores three potential solutions.

1. Networking events

Networking can be a hugely valuable tool – especially within the automotive industry. Firms could boost sector popularity among female entrepreneurs by hosting events that are tailored specifically to women.

Manufacturers could, for example, offer open days that reveal an insight into every area of a car company, from engineering to marketing.

By inviting automotive female leaders as guest speakers, businesses may further encourage women to pursue a career within this field.

Networking events could help to promote female entrepreneurship within the industry. Through public advertisement, brands stand to increase their popularity among customers, too.

2. Online sources

A company website is often more than a selling platform. Many looking to break into an industry will visit certain company sites to learn more about how a specific field works – and this extends to car firms.

Insurance experts like Arthur J. Gallagher Services already provide clear insight into their specific field. With this in mind, manufacturers could offer tailored advice to entrepreneurs of all backgrounds, ages and gender orientations.

Online tools can span expert advice, infographics and other educational sources. This may be a simple solution to the wider problem of gender imbalance within British entrepreneurship.

Additionally, it could enable more women to install their own automotive companies in the future.

3. Work experience

It can be hard to find work experience within the automotive industry in general, particularly for women.

Outside of university and other HE institutions, career placement opportunities are typically scarce, unless applicants already know somebody that occupies a senior position within the sector. This likely deters female entrepreneurs from exploring this business area.

Firms that advertise placements on job and training platforms – as opposed to HE sites – could expand outreach to a larger number of people.

Manufacturers that design work experience opportunities specifically for women could help to raise the number of female entrepreneurs within the sector.

The automotive industry is changing. This is an exciting time for motor enthusiasts and entrepreneurs alike – especially women who want to lead the sector. How will directors today ensure that women continue to be drawn to this area?

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