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Having it all | how to balance business and personal life


Do you ever wonder how to balance business and personal on a daily basis?

Having it all is definitely doable, but it has to be managed. Among the many topics in my book,  Love what you do and never work a day in your life, I explore how you can strike that balance.

When you have a business it can totally consume your life, but you have to be very vigilant in making sure that you leave time for yourself, your family, and your friends. Having it all is definitely doable, but it has to be managed.

People think, “I’ll just work 24 hours a day and I’ll be successful,” but that’s not just what makes you successful.

What makes you successful is balance in life, happiness, and being healthy.

To find that balance, you have to consciously make time. I’m an extreme planner, which my husband actually hates at times, but I think he appreciates it secretly, because we do have balance in our lives. My weeks are very busy, but it’s all completely to plan. If I have to do exercise, it’s in my calendar, and anything in my calendar, I do. I don’t cancel things unless it’s life or death.

It is all about time management and planning. And being very strong about saying “No.”  For example, my calendar will have at 5:30 “Exercise” and if that’s in there, that’s what I do, and so on, throughout the day. If it’s one of my child’s concert at school that I have to go to, that’ll go into my work calendar. I have the one calendar.

It’s being really strict on yourself and working off your calendar.

What’s in your calendar is what you do. And then, the other side of it is allotting the time for family as opposed to the business. I have Mondays off from the office. I’ll do e-mails at home. But mostly, it’s Monday for the family, doing what I have to do with the kids and being involved in the school as well as anything domestic.

And then Saturday, Sunday, I don’t work. I might look at my phone and look at the odd e-mail, but I definitely never sit down at a desk or go into the office. Friday night is shut down from the office until I go back in there on Tuesday. I get to have three days solidly with the family. Being present is enormously important.

When I’m at home with them, I’m at home with them. I’m not trying to do 50,000 other things. There are times when there are problems at the office or with a client and I will have to be on the phone. But, generally, I’ve set the business up now so that it is handled by other people.

Ensuring balance gives you the best of both worlds.


About Penny Spencer

Penny Spencer is Managing Director of the Spencer Group of Companies, a successful entrepreneur and a leader in the travel industry, who has built her company from scratch to multi award-winning success. Now adding author to her growing list of achievements, she recently published ‘Love what you do and never work a day in your life’ — a book that uses her own experience to offer advice to others on business and career progression in any industry.

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