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Which baskets you should put your extra eggs into


We all want our money to work harder for us and most of us know the best way to do this is to invest anything we can afford to invest. It could be that your freelance business is taking off quicker than you imagined, or you just got a promotion (with raise) at work, that end-of-year bonus cheque is just begging to be invested wisely or you inherited a chunk of change from a great uncle you never knew existed. Whatever the case, investing wisely is all about being smart with your money. It’s the only way you’ll see your money increase and not become a waste.

The problem is, ladies, most of us have no clue where to invest. It’s nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about because the world of investments is a complex one. If it wasn’t, everyone would be making a mint. Sure, you’ve heard of the different investment opportunities and you know there are certain alternatives that have proved successful, but the amount of choice can sometimes add to the overwhelming feeling.

All that analyzing can make you feel even more lost. It’s the number one reason people put off their investing hopes until, all of a sudden, their extra cash has been snapped up by utility bills and gas for the car and birthday presents. It’s happened to all of us. It’s just the way life works.

So, to help make sure this doesn’t happen to you again, we’ve pulled together a list of good investments to make moving into the second half of 2018. So, without further ado, here are the best places to invest your excess cash. But make sure you act fast or you’ll find yourself pondering what could have been (aka: you’ll be left lying awake at night).

  1. Stocks and shares

If you just rolled your eyes at the fact we delivered some of the most rudimental advice ever given, we get it. To say, “invest in the stock market” is about as basic as it gets. But there is a still a reason why we’ve said it and it’s all to do with trust. Every woman knows the stock market has a good history, but the more recent history has seen people put off by this avenue. They don’t trust putting their money there anymore. Either that or people think it is ludicrously bad value for money right now. Both are valid arguments. That’s why we’re not standing here and saying, “put every single dime and cent you have into the stock market.” No way. We’re saying you should invest little amounts over time. We’re saying you should speak to your financial broker and ask her about “dollar cost averaging”. To sum up what this method means, basically, you buy fewer shares when the market is high and you buy more shares when the market is low. This means you’ll have a lower average share price over time.

  1. Real estate

Yup. We’re moving onto the good old bricks-and-mortar style of investing. Once again, it’s a strong choice. That doesn’t mean we’re suggesting you go and speak to your finance broker about investment properties because not everyone has what it takes to be a landlady (it’s a tough and stressful gig – super-tough-and-stressful). Thankfully, this isn’t the only route into the property investment world. You could look at motels for sale and buy this sort of cash-positive investment, allowing you to reap the benefits of long-term tenants without any of the hands-on stresses. Or you could avoid physical property altogether and look into real estate notes. More and more of these are cropping up. Essentially, you just invest money into a property investor’s project, letting them manage the whole thing while you collect a dividend off the back end. Of course, there is a pretty hefty chunk of risk to be shouldered going down this route, which is why you need to have a lawyer look over the terms of the note, while also making sure you know and trust the individual offering this in.

  1. Peer-to-peer lending

Lending Clubmade some serious waves, and other platforms like Prosper have followed suit, with the whole concept going from strength to strength. It’s your chance to play the role of bank as you loan money to small businesses in little amounts here and there. But because there is no middlewoman taking a cut, the whole idea is geared toward success – the loanees are getting a better deal with lower interest rates and your returns will be much higher as a result, not to mention the reduced risk. You get to enjoy returns upwards of 6%, invest in people and goals you like a spread the risk over hundreds and thousands of different loans. Oh, and it’s super-easy too.

  1. You

OMG. We just did the cheesiest most cliche thing ever. We just told you to invest in you. And we’re damn proud of it too. Why? Because there is absolutely no better investment you can make this year than investing more in you. Improve who you are, what you offer, what you have in your locker and your chances of being a success. But what makes this such an attractive investment opportunity is the fact investing in yourself can cost you as little as zilch. Think about all the opportunities out there for a free education. Libraries are practically free, the internet is all-but free, books are so cheap you may as well call them free and, if you pick wisely, you’ll feel yourself filling up with great advice on how to become more financially successful. Have to pinch pennies, make your money stretch further, pull together personal finance strategies, reduce your bills, get better at negotiating a pay rise, perform flawlessly in an interview, resume building tips, land your dream job, pick the city where the pay gap doesn’t exist and so much more. The more you can invest in yourself, even if it’s just through the medium of free knowledge, the better chance you have being the success you always hoped you would be.

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