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Be the Birkin: 5 ways to increase your perceived worth


There is a reason why the Hermes Birkin bag is worth so much. It is a high demand, much sought after yet not too readily available piece, which signifies to the world that a woman has ‘made it’.

Having a Birkin bag is a status symbol and gives a great return on investment in terms of status when it comes to opening doors and influencing people.

People save up for this bag, they want everyone to know when they buy one too. There is even an article on Forbes on how to buy your first Birkin.

But we’re not suggesting that you race out to the shops and bust  your budget on a Birkin. We want you to instead look at how perceived rarity brings perceived value. Being a Birkin is exactly how you want people to see you in business.

Don’t buy the Birkin… BE the Birkin.

Worth being around, worth saving their money to invest in hiring you and worth telling everyone about being with you or working alongside you.

Too often business women become distracted and sometimes flattered into participating in everything that comes their way. This could be a coffee catch up, an event invitation or a job offer. Whatever it is, the less focused and strategic you are with your time the less valuable you will become.

You don’t want to be known as someone who would attend the opening of an envelope. You need to establish your brand as one that is selective and strategic when it comes to investing your time.

Here are the top five things to consider keeping your brand valuable:

  1. Speakers vs members – Be very careful committing to memberships of organisations. You have instantly become a member rather than a potential and in demand guest or speaker.
  1. Don’t accept every invitation -Don’t say yes to everything you are invited to. Even if you have the time, keep them wanting more.
  1. Don’t linger -Don’t hang around at events for the entire time, leave early to give the impression you have other places to be. Because you do, don’t you?
  1. Don’t always say yes -Don’t say yes to everyone who wants to work with your or hire you. Remember that bad company corrupts good morals and this is also the case when it comes to how people perceive you.
  1. Don’t be always online -Have moments of silence on social media, keep them wondering where you are and why you are not available.

The key here is to keep your brand in the top 5%. When you walk into a room you want people to notice.

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