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Why you should have a beautiful home office


Perhaps I’ve seen too many Diane Keaton, Meryl Streep and Meg Ryan movies to see the office area within a home as anything other than an inspiring nook of pure decorative bliss. Having worked from a home office for the past twenty-five years, I can assure you that any time or finance invested into the décor of my little place of work has paid dividends.

Even though I have a studio away from the family home, it is in my little home office where I do my best work. The beautiful bustle of family life is a sound that brings out the best in me, and this is why I see great value in making the home office blend seamlessly with the overall décor of the other rooms. It is a permanent fixture that has received the same level of thought as the kitchen or bathroom layout in its conception, and therefore doesn’t need to be packed away whenever guests arrive.

Whilst the office area within this stunning property has a door to close it off from the entertaining areas, it is very rarely (if ever) shut. Visually inspiring from every area of the home, this office offers more than simply being a place for my client to work. It has become the backdrop to the lounge, dining and kitchen areas, with its floor-to-ceiling bookcase full of desirable objects, a desk worthy of a duchess, and seating and artwork that beckon your attention from every vantage point within the open floorplan in adjoining areas.

  • Invest in creative, thoughtful and practical storage that looks custom-made for your nook, all while inspiring productivity.
  • Consider all technical requirements and invest time into deciding where these are best positioned in terms of both accessibility and concealment.
  • Find a comfortable office chair, and then have it upholstered to work with your décor. Long hours at the computer are made more pleasurable if you are well supported.
  • Lighting is essential. If your desk is positioned in the heart of the home, consider a pair of table lamps. If you have a smaller desk, perhaps a task light is the better option. The idea is to wash your desk in an even layer of light. Personally, I prefer to work under a warm glow rather than the traditional white-wash, so try a few bulbs to find your preference.
  • Remember, a desk doesn’t always need to be positioned against a wall. If you are worried about unsightly power leads, use rugs to cover them.

A deskscape that is pleasing to the eye invites productivity. Dress your nook well. I have a wicker paper basket with a lid, in which I place bills, statements and private correspondence. This allows me to entertain in the rest of the house with ease, knowing that these confidential items are tucked away. A pile of books, trinket tray or basket for the stationery, and a coaster for a cuppa means I am all set and looking pretty.







This is an extract from Bronnie Masefau’s book The Meaning of Home – A Place to Belong.


About Bronnie Masefau

Bronnie Masefau is a working mum, business owner and best-selling author. Her design portfolio includes projects throughout Australia, as well as internationally. Her commercial interiors have featured in the prestigious ‘Andrew Martin Interior Design Review’ (UK) and her residential work is regularly featured in both local and international design magazines. Bronnie lectures at the Design Academy. Throughout the past 15yrs Bronnie has been a mentor to those in the industry, bringing clarity and purpose both to Design and the Business of Design. Bronnie Masefau’s philosophy focusses on the ability to create a backdrop for life’s events. It’s this enthusiasm that has led her to produce the beautiful books Australian Vintage Living - putting the heart back into home, Australian Vintage Living - making anywhere home, Inspiring Through Creative Design and her New Release The Meaning of Home – A Place to Belong, with pages full of inspiring images and practical advice on how you can turn your house into a Home that is embraced by all. Find out more about Bronnie by visiting her website:

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