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How to become a better leader in business


When you’re an entrepreneur or a business leader, you play a variety of roles and need to wear a variety of hats in your day to day life. From accounting, to admin, to marketing, and business development, you will have to do varying amounts of each from time to time. But as a business grows, the need for some help or employees is going to grow as well. But if you have been so focused on your business for so long, that you might not have been focusing on being a good boss or a leader to others. But being an inspirational and motivating leader, as well as having some great leadership skills, can be what will make or break your business. After all, if everyone else can’t see your vision, then it isn’t going to go the way that you want it to.

As soon as you start to hire staff, you need to think about being a good leader right from the start. If you manage to nail that and do it well, then it will save plenty of time and money as it will mean rehiring is kept to a minimum. You’ll create a place that people want to work and where they feel valued. But if you’re management or leadership skills are lacking, then what can you do? Here are some tips for becoming a better leader.

Have the right tools to help

The old saying of ‘fake it until you make it’ is true in business, and can be true in leadership too. You can use some tools to help you to be the best boss that you can be. Some apps are there to help you streamline your business and can give you focus each day and motivation to share with your team. You could also think about using something like Employsure, so that you can easily access information about your business, such as your pay rate schedules and contracts, for example. If you need some help, then choose the right tools that will help you. 

Work with your team

Working with your team, rather than alongside them is always a good idea. That being said, it doesn’t need to be all of the time. But from time to time, it makes you appear more approachable and more like one of the team, when you’re able to work with them, not just ‘over’ them. Don’t just hide away in your office. And you’re prone to doing just that, then schedule in the time to make sure that you do it.


If all you can say when people ask why they should do something is ‘because I said so’ then it isn’t going to be a good way to be. It means that you’re a manager, and not a particularly good one at that, rather than a leader. Instead, identify things clearly and give feedback and explanation into the bigger picture of things. That is more likely to help people to achieve and inspire them.

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