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Beer Is not just a man’s business


Over the last couple of years, the craft beer industry has seen a worldwide boom. Craft beer is now seen as fashionable and hip, and any good bar will have some sort of selection of the finest craft beer. People actually go out to taste new beer, and it is also very popular for people to now blog about the craft beer they have tasted, want to taste, or have seen. It could be said that the industry was pretty much completely male oriented a while back, with less women drinking beer, having a knowledge of beer or even knowing what craft beer is. But, now, with the boom of beer, more women are taking note of the benefits of owning – or being involved with – a craft beer business; it is not only a very profitable business to be in, but it is also a fun one which can allow you to be really creative!

Of course, there are breweries which are more well known than others: Beavertown, Brooklyn Brewery, Goose Island Brewery are just a few names of well known and successful breweries. However, with more people deciding to brew their own beer from home, more and more breweries are popping up around the world – and the smaller the brewery, the chances are that the beer tastes stupendously good.

However, deciding to brew your own beer can be a pretty difficult thing to do. You will need to research what makes your favourite beers taste as good as they do, and you will need to invest a whole lot of ingredients as getting the flavours just right (when you decide to brew) can take a few batches worth of time, ingredients and wasted beer. You will also need a lot of patience, because things are bound to go wrong until you master your brewing technique. When, though, your beer does taste as good as you want it to, you should let friends and family taste it and then take it to small markets or fayres. If the feedback is good, you could then decide to brew more beer and expand your business through selling bottles, cans or even supplying bars and pubs. Of course, there is also the option to move into your own brewery – but that could take some time – and this will allow you to have complete control over every single batch that’s being created. If the time does come for a brewery move then you may need to contact moving companies who could help you take all of your supplies and mass ingredients to your new brewery.

Do not be put off by what may seem like a male-minded business. Craft beer is there for everyone to enjoy, and if a woman – like yourself – was to take it upon herself to create and form her own craft beer brewery, then that would make for a very unique selling point which is bound to help your business gain more interest, sales and profit – maybe even before the brewing begins!

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