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What types of business would benefit from call tracking


The ability to track calls and get a clearer understanding of where your calls are coming from is a type of technology that all businesses can benefit from. Discovering the marketing campaigns, channels and keywords that result in your target customer picking up the phone can help you to make smarter business decisions and there are a few industries which can benefit greatly from the ability to track calls. Here are a few of the main examples.

Insurance agencies

In such a competitive industry and one which is all about creating trust with your target customer, it is essential that an insurance agency is promoting their company effectively in order to stand out from the crowd and attract customers. The ability to track calls can help an insurance company to streamline their marketing efforts by discovering what is working well and what is not so that improvements can then be made and they can promote their brand with precision.

Not only this, but call tracking software from specialists like ResponseTap can help an insurance company to improve their customer service through the use of archived conversations so that relationships can be built and trust developed with the customer.

Legal firms

Online marketing is critical to success in today’s day and age but it is an area that legal firms can struggle with as law-related keywords such as “lawyer” and “attorney” are two of the most expensive. This can make it challenging for smaller firms that do not have the funds to splash out on expensive keywords like this, but call tracking can help them to spend their money wisely when it comes to digital marketing. As above, call tracking software is also helpful for building relationships which is key to success in this industry.

Marketing agencies

One of the most important tasks of a marketing agency in today’s day and age is the ability to measure results and then prove to their various clients that the SEO and PPC campaigns that they are running are paying off. This is possible with call tracking software which shows to a marketing agency where the calls that their clients are receiving are coming from to show them that the marketing efforts are working. Digital marketing is a fiercely competitive industry and clients need to see results quickly if they are to continue using the services of a marketing agency and this is possible with this type of technology.

Call tracking can help businesses in all industries to succeed but it is particularly valuable in the above industries. This is a smart type of technology that can help any company to learn about their marketing efforts and customers so that they can then make necessary adjustments to their approach to target their customers with precision.

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Samantha Halmshaw is a marketing and sales advisor who specialises in the digital industry. In her spare time she produces commercial art and graphic design.

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