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Business process outsourcing can accelerate a small business: here’s how


If you’re looking to improve efficiency while lowering overhead there’s no better solution than business process outsourcing. With business processing outsourcing you rely on professionals who specialize in the tasks you are hiring out in order to get the quality production you’d expect from a full-time department at just a fraction of the cost.

Reasons to use business process outsourcing

Business process outsourcing offers numerous advantages to companies of all sizes. Both complex business processes and standardized processes can be outsourced to external service providers in a cost-effective manner. If you’ve been considering turning to business process outsourcing for your company, such as an outbound call center service, here are some of the most compelling reasons to make the move.

1. Cost reduction

Business process outsourcing ideally always goes hand in hand with a reduction in costs. Because: Experts have specialist knowledge. That saves time and money. Results can be delivered faster. A cost saving is the logical consequence. In addition, the company does not pay any social security contributions for external skilled workers. Another savings factor is given.

2. Quality improvement

It is obvious. An expert means know-how, specialist knowledge and external innovation impulses. Skilled workers usually also have access to software and hardware that are not available internally. Thanks to years of experience in a specialist field and other outsourcing projects, the external service provider brings valuable knowledge to the company. An increase in quality is a matter of course.

3. Increase in effectiveness

By business process outsourcing, companies have the opportunity to increasingly plan their own resources for their core business. This goes hand in hand with an increase in effectiveness and productivity. The staff can be deployed sensibly according to their core competencies.

4. Flexibility

Another advantage of business process outsourcing is the flexible planning and organization of resources. In times when there is an acute shortage of staff or the order situation is extremely good, an external service provider can provide a quick and efficient remedy.

Business process outsourcing therefore also means the possibility of adapting capacities. A promising start-up, for example, grows quickly and does not have the premises and staff to act on demand. The outsourcing of individual business processes is then particularly helpful.

5. Risk reduction

External service providers also reduce the business risk. Operational risks are transferred to the business process outsourcing service provider. Especially in the B2C area, this reduces the risk of losing unsatisfied customers, as companies can respond to the needs and demands of customers as needed.

Business process outsourcing solutions: These services take your customer communication to a new level

Business process outsourcing is particularly suitable for outsourcing extensive sales and customer care projects. Why? Complex service and sales campaigns such as new customer acquisition or customer recovery can be outsourced to trained employees in a cost-efficient and needs-based manner. There is enough time for the core business.

Are you wondering how an external service center can support your company with customer communication? We introduce you to two essential services:

BPO: Sales – extensive services for maximum corporate success

Pre Sales Services: Before your field sales force becomes active, a service center does valuable preparatory work. Trained sales staff will make appointments for you, inquire about your customers’ needs or offer free service tests on your behalf. You recognize the potential of your customers and lay the foundation for successful sales work.

New customer acquisition B2B: no time for acquisition? External customer advisors support your company in planning, executing and monitoring the success of your campaigns to acquire new customers. You take on unpopular sales tasks such as classic cold calling, qualifying addresses and contact persons or sending personalized offers.

Loss prevention: Do you provide your customers with an option to cancel by telephone? External sales professionals are in demand at this point. Customers should continue to be convinced by the provider through optimal conversation and alternative offers.

Cross-/upselling campaigns B2B / B2C: External sales professionals help you with the necessary instinct to maximize your sales success and increase sales with your existing customers. With cross-selling, the existing customer relationships are used by trained employees to place additional services or to generate further orders. When upselling, the employee tries to convince your customers to buy a higher quality product. In this way, you can skilfully outsource telephone marketing to a call center.

Customer recovery: Experienced sales professionals persuade your customers of your company even after they have given notice. Your customer is dissatisfied and is looking to one of your competitors? The sales professionals at a call center ensure that the needs of the customer are taken seriously and that alternative offers persuade the customer to remain a satisfied customer.

BPO: Customer Care – more than good customer service 24/7

The customer is king. Almost all companies are committed to this principle. But outsourcing customer care services is increasingly seen as a cost factor. The focus is on customer satisfaction. And completely wrongly. Customer inquiries can even generate sales. Because: Satisfied customers are demonstrably also loyal customers. The likelihood of repeat purchases increases.

The following services represent real added value for your company:

Accessibility is the key factor for customer satisfaction. With an external telephone service , you can ensure that your customers can be reached around the clock. Whenever you are unable to attend, trained telephone professionals will have your back and record your customers’ calls.

The First Level Support, also known as the User Help Desk, is the first point of contact for customers who have technical queries. All customer inquiries are recorded here – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – and classified. Depending on the complexity and level of difficulty, the request will be passed on to a higher support level.

As part of an external telephone and secretarial service , a call center processes incoming inquiries professionally and without any problems. With the help of a ticket system, however, incoming inquiries can also be processed via other support channels such as e-mail or web chat.

Customer inquiries that cannot be processed by the first level support are passed on to the second level support . Experts solve complex questions and process them with the help of a knowledge management tool such as USU unimyra or Sabio.

Market research & satisfaction survey : Do you need valuable information about your target group? Trained service employees support your company in the design and implementation of surveys. During the telephone market research, customer satisfaction, brand awareness or target group interests are asked for you.

Be more productive

One of the biggest causes of inefficiency in an office is the need for employees to spend time handling processes they are not trained for. Business process outsourcing allows you to send these tasks to be handled by the professionals, which frees you and your employees up to spend more of your time doing the things which you excel at. Increased productivity means increased profits.

Business process outsourcing saves money

Increasing the money your company is taking in is just one of the financial benefits to opting for a small business outsourcing stragey that includes business process outsourcing. Because one provider can handle many different tasks for your company you are able to significantly decrease the number of employees on staff. Hiring an outsourcing firm is more cost effective than employing full-time staff to handle those tasks so you are also lowering your net spend at the same time you increase your efficiency.

Receive quality performance

With BPO solutions you also benefit from getting better performance out of those completing your tasks. Rather than having many different activities handled by a single employee who can only devote some of their time to mastering each, with a business process outsourcing partnership the different tasks for your company are handled by different specialists at the company you work with. That means your mail is handled by an expert with mailroom experience, while customer calls are fielded by professional support technicians.

Customers benefit from business process outsourcing, too

You and your employees don’t have to be the only ones who benefit from business process outsourcing solutions. Improved efficiency lowers your costs which can be passed on in the form of more affordable products. With client-facing activities like customer support outsourced, your customers also get to benefit directly from the improved performance quality your provider brings to the table.

Business process outsourcing has the potential to revolutionize the way your company operates. With lower costs and increased production, the potential for growth can’t be overlooked. Take some time to assess your company’s operations and determine if outsourcing can help take things to the next level.

Conclusion – outsourcing as a success factor

Outsourcing your customer communication is a strategic decision that you should make for the economic success of your company. Quality customer service can give you a competitive advantage in your industry. Professional call center partners take care of your company and give you the opportunity to concentrate on your core business. Whether sales or customer care projects – trained customer advisors make the difference in your customer communication and ensure that your customers are satisfied. If you wish, you can be reached by your customers 24/7 and that on all channels.


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