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Office fish tank benefits: 3 key reasons to set up an aquarium


This concise guide outlines the three important benefits of setting up an office fish tank, and some of the factors to consider for your office aquarium.

Do you ever wish that there was something in your office that you could see, hear, and touch to bring on inspiration or relieve those stressful moments that come with a hectic schedule? What about something that could not only keep you grounded but also aid you in your daily meditation routine? Wondering what this could be? It’s an office fish tank!

Fish tanks and aquariums are becoming more and more commonplace, no longer used by fancy establishments as a part of the décor, but instead, they are something that people are starting to place in their homes. If a fish tank is good enough for your home, why not your office?

Benefits of an office fish tank

There is something about the softly gurgling water, the shimmering rainbow of colors dancing across your wall, and the certainty in the direction in which your marine life swims day after day that is equal parts inspiring, relaxing, and soothing.

That is why people are starting to set up fish tanks in their offices or in a common area for employees and clients to enjoy alike. It is because there is something about a fish tank that brings out the inner wonder of a child.

Are there other benefits to having a fish tank in the office? Of course, there are and today, we are going to take a look at what exactly they are!

Reduce stress and tension

Hearing the water of a fish tank softly gurgling, watching the fish swim in colorful flashes of light, and seeing the shimmering water gently lapping at the sides of the tank all have the wonderful benefit of reducing stress and tension from the mind. This lack of tension will result in a more productive state during the working hours, allowing your creativity to flow and work to be completed in a timely manner.

Having to feed the fish or maintain the tank ensures that you will get up for a break and walk away from your desk, even if it’s only for a couple of minutes. These couple of minutes is enough to clear your head and refocus on the work that needs to be done!

Physical benefits

Believe it or not, there are some physical benefits that come from having a fish tank in the office. While it will not burn calories, such as walking a dog would, it does have a relaxing effect on the body which in turn lowers blood pressure and stabilizes your heart rate. The constant motion of the fish is hypothesizing and helps remove stress from a person, resulting in a lower heart rate as stressors are removed or reduced in severity.

The calming effect of a fish tank also helps reduce pain as it releases the tension and stress from a person’s shoulders, neck, and back. That is why you see fish tanks in fancy restaurants and health practitioners’ offices – they want to remove the stress from the person, even if it’s only for short periods of time.


As with any form of a pet, for the home or for the office, there will be maintenance tasks required when it comes to having a fish tank. The fish will need to be fed on a strict schedule, the tank will have to be cleaned, and the tank will have to be equipped it an adequate lighting system to mimic the daybreak and sunset of each day. The lighting system should be enough to heat the water to the correct temperatures but not enough to heat the water to uncomfortable levels or encourage algae growth.

You’ll also have to install a water filter into your fish tank for added cleanliness and to keep the smell down of the tank itself. Unclean water is not only harmful to the fish, but it can also give off a “swampy” odor that employees and clients could find unpleasant. Check with your local pet store on whether your tank is a saltwater tank (requires special filters, such as a canister filter for saltwater tanks) or a freshwater one.


As you can see from our discussion today, a fish tank in the office or in the home is something that can bring you numerous mental health benefits without the extensive work that can come with other pets such as cats or dogs. Having a fish tank in the office is something that will inspire you, relax you, and even soothe you while also acting an excellent conversation starter between yourself and fellow employees or potential clients!

Unless you own the business and the office you are working out of, always ask permission before bringing a fish tank into the office and have a list of the benefits prepared beforehand. Talk to your fellow employees and see if they are willing to help with the maintenance of the fish tank or if they would like to take part in the selection of fish, plant life, and whatnot that will occupy the fish tank and call it home.

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