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4 Best apps created by women


Some of the most innovative apps have been created by women, and we’ve gathered four of the best here. They show a keen insight into what makes women tick and what they most need from apps on their smartphones.


This app is all about safety for women, weather in a social situation or if a dangerous situation should arise. It will send out a distress signal for others to come to the rescue and help out their friend, and it can also serve as a fake phone call maker if a date isn’t going well.

About the Creators: A father-daughter team created the app in an attempt to help women in precarious circumstances. The idea stemmed from an unfortunate event, and they are using that as motivation to help others avoid the same thing.

On second thought

If you’ve ever had the experience of sending a text and wishing you could take it back this is the app for you. All you have to do is install it and use it as your primary texting interface and you will be able to take back a text shortly after sending it if you’d rather not send it or need to edit it.

About the Creator: Co-founded by Maci Peterson this app was designed after much frustration sending texts and wanting a redo. As the CEO she points out that many texts are sent for business purposes, making it extra important to get them right. She’s won several awards for the app along with her co-founder Stewart Voit.

Buy up index

This app will give you a quick rundown of a business’s reputation for important issues like gender equality and will give you an idea of how progressive they are. From there you can decide whether you want to do business with them and support their success or if you’d rather go with one of their competitors that’s a little more forward-thinking.

About the Creator:  Amy-Willard Cross started the Buy Up Index and that’s just one of her many accomplishments. She’s been founding businesses since the 80s and has the pedigree to create an app that supports women and issues that are important to women.

Cast beauty

This app helps women look and feel their best even when the weather isn’t cooperating. It not only gives them the forecast for the day, it syncs that up with beauty tips and advice on what types of makeup to use to look your best even when it’s humid, rainy, cold, or windy.

About the Creator:  Sion Morson came up with the idea for the app based on her own desire for something like it, and since then the app has won awards. She hopes that it will help women decide on which products they need on any given day, and make things a bit easier for them.

So by now you can see that app development is not the exclusively male industry some people think. If you’ve ever thought of making your own app, you should use these apps as proof that it can be done and push on with your idea.

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